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Mar. 06, 2012

Fly Tips

Hey Ticketfly Gang!

Beginning March 30th, ALL Facebook Pages for businesses will have a different design. Before the big change, you can preview your new Page and get it all spruced up for its debut. Hang onto this Timeline guide directly from Facebook and their FAQ.

But here are the *5 big things* that Ticketfly clients need to do with their Pages right away. Examples pictured below!

1. Add Ticketfly’s Buy Tickets App to Your Top Row

  • If you haven’t yet started selling tickets on your Facebook Page, first install the App.
  • Once installed, you can add the App to your favorites so it’s one of the first things fans see when they land on your Page. Just click the dropdown next to your Favorite apps (Pictured below) to make your choices.

2. Choose a Dazzling Cover Photo

  • Your new cover photo will be the first thing that fans see when visiting your Page. Be sure to upload something dynamic, atleast 399 pixels wide, that represents your brand.
  • Do not include a call-to-action like “Buy Tickets Now!” or pricing info in your photo and check out Facebook’s guidelines for cover photos! We don’t want you getting into trouble. Remember that you can preview your new Page before publishing.
  • We like what our client The Cotiliion did with their cover photo if you need an idea!

3. Feature Page Content on Your Timeline

  • Facebook Timeline for Pages allows you to “Pin” select content to the top of the Page, highlight stories, and add specific milestones to your Page history.
  • Mouse over posts to highlight or pin. Read more here.
  • This is an especially great feature for getting extra attention for a specific event or announcement.

4. Add Apps and Arrange Your App Photos

  • The new Timeline will do away with any landing tabs that aren’t your Wall, including Welcome tabs or apps that require a “Like” to see content. This might seem like a drawback but the new design is much more conducive to fan engagement and you can have your favorite apps front and center!
  • The Photos App is the only one that cannot be moved. It will always be displayed first.
  • We recommend placing the “Buy Tickets” app directly to the right of Photos
  • Under the new Admin panel, click Manage > Edit Page > Apps to select order and images
  • For more info, click here. Check out how Ticketfly branded our favorite apps so our Page has a uniform look!

5. Exchange Private Messages with Fans

  • Customers and fans can now send private, direct messages to your Page, rather than posting on your Wall.
  • To make sure messaging is enabled, go to Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Manage Permissions
  • When you log into Facebook, be sure to check your Admin Panel for incoming messages

As always, if you need any help, reach out to your client rep! Not a client? Click here to learn more about Ticketfly.

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