FlyTips: Ticketfly’s Facebook App – Get it, Move it, Brand it!


May. 23, 2012

by Amy Miller, Community Manager

Did you know that 41% of all time spent online is spent on Facebook? That’s crazy! Why not give your fans the opportunity to buy tickets where they’re already hanging out?

Ticketfly’s Facebook App delivers the entire ticket buying experience, from discovery to purchase, all within Facebook. Allowing your customers to buy tickets while on Facebook increases conversion rates, encourages social discovery and sharing, and helps fans sell tickets for you.  We’ve seen clients sell up to 35% of their tickets via Facebook tools alone. Setting up an optimal Facebook purchase experience is so simple! Like ABC. It’s as easy as…

1. Get It

Install the app. It only takes a few minutes. (We promise.)

2. Move It

When Timeline launched, Facebook moved all of your apps to the top. There are 4 visible all the time. Any additional apps require fans to expand the app bar to see them. All of these apps can be rearranged, with the exception of Photos, which stays put. Buy Tickets should be front and center!  It only takes 2 easy steps to move it up top.

3. Brand It

It’s like we always say–your ticketing, your brand! Facebook allows you to change the icon for ANY app on Facebook (check out our super branded apps above.). So you can make your Buy Tickets app match the rest of your brand. Click on the apps tab and select edit settings by the Ticketfly app. Make sure your image is 111x74.

These clients have already branded their apps. Cool!

If you’re a current client and you need help with any of the above, feel free to email us! If you’d like to work with Ticketfly, learn more at


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