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Feb. 07, 2012

Welcome to Fly Tips- messages from the Ticketfly Marketing Team, where you will find helpful hints for selling out your next event.

Are you spending extra time building Facebook events and Tweets on your own? Not anymore! Try Ticketfly Amplifier!

Why should you Amplify?
• Amplified events sell around 10 times more tickets overall than non-Amplified events
• Build events once (in Backstage) and automatically publish to Facebook and Twitter
• Facebook is Ticketfly’s 2nd highest sales source
• The Amplifier will increase your event RSVPs using several Facebook touch-points
• Schedule multiple timed Tweets. “Set it and forget it.”
• Reach thousands more fans by mentioning and engaging artists on Twitter!

Step 1

After you build your event, promote it in the same place!

Step 2

Amplify on Facebook and Twitter

Be sure, whenever possible, to include the artist’s Twitter name! These are easily searchable and will expand your audience.

The artists are paying attention and will RT your posts!

Step 3

Watch your Stats!

Step 4

Set up Facebook Purchase. If you are using the Facebook Purchase app, you can also decide whether or not you want to have your Amplified events direct customers to the Facebook Page or to the website by going to the Marketing Tab in the sidebar, selecting Amplifier Settings, and making the adjustment.

When you Amplify events, buyers can RSVP during the Facebook Purchase process and they will show up as attending on your website, on Facebook and on

If you’d like more information about Ticketfly’s tools and how you can sell more tickets by keeping your event build and marketing in the same place, head over to


-The Ticketfly Marketing Team

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