FlyTips: Using Fanbase to Identify, Reward, and Mobilize Influencers


May. 24, 2013


Last week, we announced the release of Fanbase, the first customer analytics suite for venues and event promoters. In 2012, we found that seven percent of ticket buyers account for a total of 24 percent of ticket orders. We developed Fanbase so our clients can leverage customer sales, attendance, and social sharing data to reward these top fans and keep them coming through the door.

You may be asking “How do I use all this data? What does it all mean?!”, so Marketing Services is here to help!

What promotions and contests should you run using Fanbase? We have ideas!

  • Fan of the Week/Month – feature a fan on social media or blog. Give them perks.
  • Top Fan contest – Encourage fans to compete in a contest to win Top Fan Status. ​
  • Top Fan Email blast – Develop a regular email blast with perks for your Top Fans.
  • Other Contest Ideas: Run a Comment or Pictogram contest on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or a share/retweet contest on Facebook and Twitter.

What rewards should I give my Top Fans?

  • Access to a VIP area in your venue
  • Early entry, or skip the line privileges
  • Access to promo code ticket types
  • Top Fan only presale
  • Free event tickets
  • Free drink tickets
  • Venue or talent merch

Be creative! You can use Fanbase data to drive more sales, reward top fans, and develop or promote your loyalty program and mobilize influential customers. So let’s dig in with a few examples, shall we?


Drive Ticket Sales – Create a contest to reward fans who share the event

1. Use Ticketfly Emailer to tell Event-level Fans to enter the contest by sharing the event link on Facebook.

  • Create an email campaign using the Single Event template (recommended).
  • Give it a snappy subject line about the event-specific contest, then use the custom content field to explain the rules – keep it simple, folks.
  • Target your campaign to the specific Event and send…easy-peasy!

"Fanbase target email by event"

2. Monitor your event-level fans’ social activity to see who is sharing the event.

"Fanbase Event Fan List"

3. Select a winner (or winners), send them an email, and encourage them to share news of their win on social media.


Reward Top Fans – Perks, perks, perks! Everyone loves ’em!

1. Contact Top Fans individually and surprise them with a reward.

Example: Union Transfer rewarded the Top Fans of a show with VIP seating and cocktail service and got great feedback from customers, including this one:

“I just wanted to thank you for offering us the opportunity to see/listen to last night’s Local Natives show from the VIP area.  It was awesome!…Keep the acts coming – we’ll keep buying tickets.”

2. Create customized monthly emails to your Top Fans with exclusive perks like special pre-sales, artist meet-and-greets, or unique promo-code discounts on tickets.

  • Create an email campaign using the Themed Template – Custom Content template (recommended).
  • Target your campaign to your Top Fans and send.

"Email Fanbase Top Fans"

3. Create a Fan of the Week or Fan of the Month award

  • Decide how often you want to recognize a Top Fan – keep it manageable for your staff!
  • Determine what type of rewards your Top Fan will receive. Keep it standardized so that the fan rewards of equal value.
  • Add a Fan of the Week/Month page to your website with info about the program.
  • Every week/month, select a winner, confirm that they welcome you featuring them via social media or in your blog, then post it up!
  • When you post, provide information about how others can win the award and include a link to your fan rewards program.

Here’s a Fan of the Month Facebook post from High Noon Saloon:

"High Noon Saloon Fan of the Month"


Raise Awareness – Share details of your loyalty program!

Get the word out using social media so that fans of your Facebook page can interact and share the news. The Vogue used their Facebook announcement as an opportunity to tell fans how to get in on the action by connecting their social accounts:

"The Vogue Superfan VIP Program"

Still have questions? Take some time to review the Fanbase section of our help desk, then dive into your Fanbase data and get started!

If you are not a Ticketfly client, and you’d like to learn more about marketing your events using the Ticketfly platform, visit



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