Forest Hills Stadium Resurrected to Original Glory, Opening with Zac Brown Band 6/21


Mar. 22, 2014


Forest Hills Stadium is a peaceful retreat just 15 minutes outside Manhattan. In the past, this iconic sports stadium was put to proper use; bands like the Who, the Stones, and the Beatles drew crowds of people out of the city and into the stands year after year. After nearly 20 years of silence, broken by a sold-out Mumford & Sons show last summer, Forest Hills has been renovated for a unique concert series that will slingshot the stadium back to the forefront of New York’s summer music scene.

We’re thrilled to partner with Madison House Presents and sell tickets to the stadium’s first show since the remodel with the three-time Grammy award-winning Zac Brown Band on June 21st. Tickets go on sale today at 10AM EST. Get tickets before they’re sold out. 

Our CEO Andrew Dreskin is especially proud of this new partnership because he has fond memories of visiting the stadium as a child.

“When I was a kid growing up in New Jersey my parents took me to the U.S. Open at Forest Hills, so it has special meaning for me to be providing ticketing and other technology for the concerts at the tennis stadium. The venue has hosted some of the most important acts in live music history, and the promoters are dear friends of mine and among the best in the country. I have no doubt that Forest Hills will rejoin the ranks of great US concert venues.” – Andrew Dreskin

We aren’t the only ones excited about the return of Forest Hills…

“After decades of languishing in obscurity and disrepair, one of the most famous sports and concert sites in New York will again reverberate with the sound of live music.” – The New York Times


“Forest Hills (Stadium) has a sterling history in music. The Beatles and Barbra Streisand played there in 1964; the Rolling Stones did so in 1966, as well as Bob Dylan, who performed his first full electric concert there; and in ’67 Jimi Hendrix opened for the Monkees and was legendarily booed off stage. The same thing happened when the Doors opened for Simon and Garfunkel.” – Billboard Magazine

For more updates on upcoming shows, follow @ForestHillsStdm on Twitter and like them on Facebook.


Photo Credit: Zac Brown Band courtesy of, Who ticket via Brooklyn Vegan.

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