Google Now Integrates Ticketfly Event Reminders and Mobile Tickets


Dec. 04, 2013

We know that mobile is the future for discovering relevant events, buying tickets to them, and getting in the door. Over 40% of all traffic to the Ticketfly network ( and the over 400 venue and promoter websites that we power) comes from mobile phones and tablets, up from 25% in 2012.

Ticketfly was an early adopter of mobile ticketing, driving benefits for event attendees, venues, promoters, and festivals. We’re extremely excited to announce that we’re one of the first event partners to integrate with Google Now.

Google Now brings you the information you need, before you even ask. Customers using an Android device (Jelly Bean v 4.1 and up) or an iOS device (using the Google Search app) who buy a Ticketfly ticket will have event reminder cards displayed on Google Now before their event starts with all the necessary details (name, time, place, etc.). If you bought a mobile ticket to the event, you’ll get a card that includes the barcode too.

The best part is, there’s no digging required; cards appear when you need them most, including information from Ticketfly order confirmation and mobile ticket emails. We are happy to help deliver relevant information at the right time and place with Google Now. Enjoy your next event!

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