Graduation day: Ticketfly’s summer internships come to a close


Aug. 28, 2015


Summer is coming to an end which unfortunately means that our two incredible Ticketfly interns are heading back to college. Interns are usually known for fetching coffee and making copies, but not only did our interns never find the copier, the only coffee they’ve had to get was their own. Before they head back to school, we had a chance to hear first-hand about their summer projects, and life at the ‘fly as the new guys.

Michael is a second year Mechanical Engineering major at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He was an intern on the Engineering team. Originally from the Bay Area, he enjoys live music, playing guitar, and long walks on the beach (as well as old jokes).

“Interning at Ticketfly gave me an opportunity to push boundaries, both for myself and for the actual work being done here. Although the details of my internship are still top secret, I’m fairly certain that there are not many companies that would’ve allowed a first year college student to work and innovate the way I did here. The culture pushes everyone to think of new ways to improve the current live event experience, for everyone from the promoters and venue owners to the fans. The drive to improve this experience is made even greater by the company-wide love of seeing great shows and events, which creates a tangible level of excitement throughout the office. This enthusiasm persists not just in the everyday happenings here, but also in the side-projects that occasionally spring up and capture the entire office’s attention. Together, these elements create a truly unique environment of creativity and passion unlike anything I’ve been apart of before.

The challenging work also creates a tightly-knit community who are all  set on reaching the same results. While there is an undeniably strong work ethic and drive, the company maintains a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere, no matter the department. It’s clear how easily people become a part of the community here from day one. From the jam room, where Flyers play music during Happy Hours, to the various events put on to help build a community within the company, Ticketfly is doing big thingsnot just for its consumers, but for employees and clients alike. I can’t imagine working at a more incredible place for the last four months, and I hope to come back soon to see what kind of crazy things come out of the engineering department.”

Katherine is a rising sophomore at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL studying Social Policy, Integrated Marketing, and Civic Engagement. She was an intern on the Marketing team. Originally from the Bay Area, Katherine likes all things California— sunshine, fresh produce, and telling her Midwestern friends how much better California is.

Like Michael, I can’t believe that I’ve had the opportunity as a first year college student to work on projects that are so interesting and so directly related to my interests at school. At Northwestern, I’m majoring in Social Policy with certificates in Integrated Marketing and Communications, and Civic Engagement, and my internship this summer has been a perfect blend of my interests and studies. Unlike Michael, my projects this summer don’t need to be kept on the down-low. If you’re an avid follower of Ticketfly’s social channels, you may have already gotten a glimpse into my work (if not take a look here or here for some examples—sorry for the self-promotion #shameless). Working on social has given me the chance to learn more about Ticketfly and its clients, while simultaneously learning more about the live events industry and discovering new music and artists.

The other half of my internship has been working on Ticketfly Causes, an awesome program that Ticketfly started a few years ago to give back to the community on a company, employee, and customer level. I’ve focused on the employee level, where all full-time employee get 3 full days of volunteer time off (VTO) every year to volunteer at any organization of their choice. Flyers live busy lives and don’t always have the time they want and need to plan volunteer days, so I’ve spent my time making it as easy as possible  for them to give back. I developed and created an internal site that will serve as a volunteering hub for Flyers to learn more about how they can use their VTO, including everything from which organizations to partner with, to finding other Flyers interested in using their VTO, to sharing information about local and national organizations that are supporting great causes everyday.

Without a doubt, the best part of my internship this summer has been getting to be a part of the community at Ticketfly. The team is incredibly welcoming and the entire building is filled with interesting and passionate people who are improving the live events industry with every event. My favorite part of the internship has been getting to know the team through my work on social and by hearing about the organizations and causes that they are passionate about. I can’t believe how fast my summer at the ‘fly has gone by. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


We’re sad to see our interns go, but wish them the best of luck this school year. Thanks for an amazing summer, Michael & Katherine.

If you also love live events, top secret projects, social causes, and having a good time, join us—we’re hiring.

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