Help Keep San Francisco’s Iconic Brown Twins Together


Aug. 28, 2012

If you’ve ever lived in or visited San Francisco, you might have been charmed enough to have the infamous Brown twins cross your path. With head-to-toe matching outfits, flawlessly plucked eyebrows, leopard print coats and a positive spirit that embodies the San Francisco way of life, Marian and Vivian Brown have always been as much of a monument to the city as two 5 foot, 98 lb women could ever be. Over the past few months, the city has witnessed the very rare and heartbreaking site of Marian Brown roaming the city streets alone, even polishing off the whole piece of chocolate cake she and her sister used to share for lunch in an effort to stave off some of her sadness.

As her sister Vivian lay in a hospital bed at California Pacific Medical Center, the inseparable twins’ future together hangs in the balance. The onset of Alzheimer’s and a couple of bad falls have left Vivian unable to care for herself and the twins are unsure if the looming medical expenses will be manageable, or if they’ll ever be able to live together again.

On Thursday night at Red Devil Lounge, you can help (and see a show while doing it!). Ticketfly is waiving all fees on the benefit for the Brown twins and all performers are donating their time. Donation options include admission and range from $10 – $100. Additional donations will be accepted at the venue, or directly on the JCFS website.

Some of the Ticketfly team will be there too!

Bonus! Speaking of well-dressed…Willie Brown will be at the event on Thursday. Support two beloved San Francisco icons while hanging out with another. Not a bad deal.

Can’t wait to see which other San Francisco startups will get involved to help these lovely ladies. Marian’s daily ride to the hospital alone would be a major contribution! Uber? Lyft? Sidecar? Come on, guys.

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