Hey Promoters, Ticketfly Just Solved All Your Newsletter Headaches

Jul. 29, 2011

Another week, another feature no one else offers! Ticketfly just launched our fully-integrated email marketing tool. Let’s check it out! With Ticketfly’s Integrated Emailer, promoters, venues and clients can:

•  Target current and past Ticketfly customers. No need to maintain a separate email list!
•  Import email lists from previous ticketing partners
•  Include events already created in Ticketfly’s Backstage. No more copy/pasting into a different system
•  Build email campaigns using our pre-populated templates that match your brand (including the look of your Ticketfly-provided website, iPhone app, purchase pages and confirmation emails!)
•  Track real-time sales, opens and conversion rates

Here’s a video intro!

With the rapid rise of social networking, email marketing has gone through some changes. And it’s more important than ever, especially in the live event business. But email marketers are finding that consumers have one overwhelming email desire: Targeting! Don’t just send me the same emails you send everyone else; send me what I want to know about, and pay attention to how I behave when I get them. 75% of businesses report that lifecycle marketing programs out-perform blanket, untargeted outbound email programs. The good news for promoters is that Ticketfly built social features, targeting and analytics into our email tool. Rad.

When a customer buys tickets on Ticketfly via traditional log-in or our new Facebook Connect feature, fans can decide what emails they want to receive. Plus, pulling from our comprehensive Artist Database, we can associate your ticket buyers with the genre of the event they’re seeing. So you’ll always know that if someone bought tickets for Washed Out , and Toro y Moi comes through your venue, the Washed Out fans will be in the know when you target your Chillwave group! Then you can stock up on promotional faux Ray Bans.

Other cool features!

•  It’s mobile friendly. The email looks great on mobile, and your ticket links will drop a customer right into our seamless mobile purchase. Since mobile email viewing is up 80%, that’s a pretty necessary thing. And well, we’ve had it for a while.

•  Detailed sales analytics, integrated into our Analytics Dashboard. You can see exactly who clicked, how many tickets your email sold, and an exact dollar amount you made from a particular email campaign. We’ve got beta clients already using our Emailer, and some promoters are showing over 50% of their sales coming from marketing tools provided by Ticketfly to all clients, free of charge.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and start selling your tickets on a better platform.

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