How we’re getting 2,000 fans to party with Sammy Hagar in Mexico

Cristina Peralta

Sep. 10, 2016

Iconic rocker Sammy Hagar doesn’t just defy speed limits, the Chickenfoot frontman and former Van Halen singer also has a way of shucking convention to find a better way of doing things.

We recently partnered with Hagar’s Red Rocker Touring for an unconventional collaboration in celebration of his 69th birthday. His needs were specific: the party would stretch over four nights (October 7, 9, 11, and 13) at his Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with only 500 tickets sold each night. The tricky part? Rather than selling tickets on a first-come, first-served basis, Hagar wanted to set up a lottery system.

“It’s a really intimate event, so they wanted it to be as fair as possible,” says Dakin Hardwick, one of our Product Training Specialists who worked side-by-side with Red Rocker Touring on the project. The unique setup also guaranteed that all 2,000 tickets would sell out well in advance.

To accommodate the unique event, we created a bespoke ticket request system. Hagar’s devoted fans entered through an online form in late July. They selected the dates they wished to purchase tickets for, entered their name, email address, and last four digits of their credit card to ensure that only those selected would be allowed to buy tickets. In early August, Red Rocker Touring selected the winners and we then uploaded their information into our system, created pre-placed order forms, and sent the order forms to the winners via email. Recipients simply completed their billing information and hit submit (and then planned the rest of their Mexican getaway!).

Executing such a customized event was a challenge for our team, but we eagerly embraced the opportunity to get creative. For an extra twist, this also marked our first venture south of the border.

“We’ve done plenty of fan club events but this one was different on a lot of levels,” Dakin says. “It’s not in the United States or Canada. And, instead of it being a show included as part of a paid fan club membership, all fans interested in making the trip are entered into a random drawing to buy tickets, and only those selected can buy tickets to each specific performance.”

Hagar’s birthday bash in Cabo is an annual affair; Red Rocker Touring chose to partner with us this year because our multi-faceted platform and products allowed for the simplified, streamlined ordering process they wanted. Plus, we had dedicated service reps available to make sure they got everything they needed to run the event their way. “We’re the only company that offered that exclusive ability so that only the person who was selected could buy the tickets,” Dakin says.

“[Ticketfly sales team member] Jeff White and I go back a long ways, and he, Dakin, and the whole Ticketfly team were fantastic to work with,” said Chime Interactive’s Jon Luini, Sammy’s Digital Strategist. “Sammy’s relationship with his fans is very important to him which meant we had some tough requirements to meet. Ticketfly was able to work with us on delivering this special ticketing experience in the way we needed, and we are already making plans to streamline it even further next year for Sammy’s 70th.”

It’s partnerships like these that keep Dakin and the rest of our team excited and on their toes. And we can’t wait to do more!

Says Dakin: “I really enjoy making it easier for people to go out and enjoy live music. Working with clients, working with the challenges, and doing an event right is fun for me. I get a big kick out of taking what somebody envisions and making it a reality. This was a unique challenge that I’d never done before. It required some creative thinking and using products in a way we hadn’t before. It was very special to do something incredibly different.”

He added: “And if you had an opportunity to plan Sammy Hagar’s 69th birthday party, you’d want to do it, too!”

Finally, because we love surprises, here’s one to wrap up with: If you missed your chance to enter the contest, set your alarm for noon PT / 3pm ET this Sunday, September 11 because Red Rocker Touring has decided to release a very small number of tickets to the general public. Try for 10/7, 10/9, 10/11, or 10/13.

Interested in learning more about how you can partner with Ticketfly? Get in touch.

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