Is your office pet-friendly? #Kittyfly edition

Director of Communications

May. 20, 2015


We’ve done #puppyfly, now it’s time for #kittyfly. No one’s brought their cat to the office (yet) but we love ‘em just as much as our canine friends. Put your paws up for some of our ‘fly felines, and while you’re at it, check out our open positions on


Human: Nichole Covington (Client Support)

I adopted Nichole after taking up residence on her porch for two weeks during a particularly cold Denver winter. Someone who claimed to know how to determine a cat’s sex deemed me a lady cat and I took the name Lola after a certain Kinks song. The truth was eventually revealed but the name stuck, with an addendum. My giant meat paws should have been a dead giveaway.



Human: Brandy Hartley (Product)

I met Brandy while I was still named Horselover Fat, an obscure reference to a character in a Philip K. Dick novel. My owner at that time called me “Kitty” despite, or perhaps because of, the awkward moniker. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, you know? Brandy rescued me from the terrible name and anointed me with “Miss” to pay proper tribute to my fanciness. I enjoy sunbeams, eating plants I shouldn’t, practicing my wide variety of vocalizations whenever I am not doing what Brandy wants me to do, and drooling while receiving my face rubs and chin scratches.



Human: Chad Cuddigan (Engineering)

I’m a chatty cat, but I couldn’t get even one meow in during the two-and-a-half day road trip to San Francisco when I moved here with Chad (he did enough talking for the both of us, sheesh!). This also makes me one well-traveled cat.


Human: Yrving Doveralba (Product)

I’m a hard working cat. I’m building the next generation of the Ticketfly platform and learning Scala and Rails. I built my own app for kids in Lua. I love strawberry cupcakes and have strong opinions about shapes and colors. I’m 7 years old and I live with the Doveralbas here in SF.


(nicknames include The Bud, Little Pink Tongue or LPT, Snuggle Bug, and Jetfire)

Human: Jenn Hernandez (Client Support)

Hi! My name is Bratwurst. I am a little sausage that was the runt of my litter and I was very anxious when my parents met me at the San Francisco SPCA. Once they took me home however, I quickly gained confidence and became the sweet prince of the house, annoying my sister Brownie in the process (she is eating tomatoes in kitty heaven now). I love to play fetch (!), drink from the tub drain, and burrow under your legs if you’re lying down in bed. I also sound like a pair of tennis shoes in a laundry dryer when I run around the house at 4am. My parents may be obsessed with me as they just started a Facebook page in my honor. I’ll allow it.


(a.k.a. Monkey Cat, Kitten Formerly Known as Prince, Pumpkin Cat)

Human: Amelie Hamelin (Client Success)

Bonjour. I am a French Canadian kitten with a taste for plastic and dripping faucets. I know, my ears are disproportionately big for my head, which makes me look both adorable and ludicrous. I was a pet store cat who came into Amelie’s life puking my tiny guts out. But I’m still here eight years later, short a few claws due to a hallway incident I’d rather not talk about. I’ve already used up a fair number of lives, surviving a gastrointestinal infection, a house fire, a jump from the third floor of our building, a double-Dachsund attack, a plane ride from Montreal to Toronto, and countless plastic indigestions. What can I say? My definition of heaven is a plastic bag that I can sit on and chew at the same time. I get especially vocal when someone is punching numbers on the microwave oven, and my favorite activities are running up and down the stairs after my mouse and chewing through live wires.



Human: Stefan Wicks (Client Support)

I own the fact that I’m an old man with a big belly that swings back and forth when I’m awkwardly run-walking at a strange angle across the floor. I awkwardly run-walk because of a condition called ataxia—basically my brain and my muscles don’t communicate well. As a result I’ve earned nicknames such as “Robocat” and “The Sidewinder.” When I’m not sidewinding I like to take naps and listen to records. OMD is a favorite of mine, but not so much John Hughes-era OMD. I prefer their “early stuff” as I feels it is much more brooding and honest and shows their influence from 70s kraut rockers such as Kraftwerk and Neu!.

teh chaps.jpg


Human: Stefan Wicks (again)

I grew up on the streets and to this day I’m only half a house cat. When I’m not making the most of central heating/AC and a bowl full of the finest cat food money can buy, I’m out in the alley lurking behind the neighborhood bar’s dumpster or showing the other alley cats who’s boss. “Scrappy Chappy,” they call me. My ears look like the bottom of Bruce Banner’s shorts after he has hulked out, but don’t be deceived—I have a softer side. I will turn you into a cat bed and breathe my cat breath right on your face while I purr loud enough to wake up the neighbors.



Human: James Snow (TechOps/DevOps)

We’re Fred and Ginger, “semi-feral” rescues from ICRA’s Garden Cat progam. We lived in a colony of about 10 cats, but something happened to our caretaker and we needed to be relocated. Between the two of us, I (Ginger) am the more confident one; I pretty quickly realized that James was harmless—and a sucker for how cute I am. I (Fred) am extremely skittish; it took a solid year before I was confident enough to start rubbing up against James and bonking my head into him. Now we both show up regularly for breakfast and dinner, and we love getting our heads scratched. I (Fred) follow Ginger everywhere, and she tells me I make the saddest little squeaks when I don’t know where she is. In summer afternoons you can usually find us curled up together in a sunny corner of our yard.


(aka Maddox), pictured with his fur-felted friend Mini-Max

Human: Vanessa Bello (Front Office)

I’ve been with Vanessa for 15 years. She found me on the street when I was only four weeks old. I enjoy taking showers, climbing in cupboards and sleeping in pots and pans. I love to travel in suitcases and torment the two dogs I live with by biting their tails and jumping on them as they sleep. I’m quite the punk.

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