Just in Time For Halloween Season, It’s a Parade of Flesh


Sep. 27, 2012

Remember your middle school math teacher? Can you imagine partying with him? Well in Dallas, Texas there’s one math teacher that has his pulse on the music scene. John Iskander, founder of Parade of Flesh, is onto something. Named ‘Best Concert Promoter of 2011′ by the Dallas Observer, this is just the sort of outfit that Ticketfly likes to partner with.

Parade of Flesh started in 2003 as a site where John posted live music videos long before the days of YouTube. By 2007, he was booking a mix of punk, metal, indie rock bands. One of his missions is to make Dallas a required stop for national tours. This may not be too difficult as John is known to have a more creative and interesting approach to booking shows with his focus on quality over quantity. Doug Davis of the Dallas Observer said this about John and Parade:

He places a bet against long odds by booking bands into local clubs at a ticket price that makes it affordable for just about anybody.

But it doesn’t stop there. Parade of Flesh also has a radio show on Thursdays at 4PM CT on indie-verse.com. For several years, they’ve put on BroFest, a music festival that featured some of the world’s best up-and-coming indie-rock and metal acts. BroFest started in 2009 as a mini festival called South by South Flesh, and it took place on the last Sunday of SXSW. But as it turns out, SXSW was not so keen on the name.

Every industry is incestuous, so when you do something notable or have something good going on, people will hear about it soon enough.” -John Iskander

Parade of Flesh has a ton of upcoming shows including Kreayshawn and Rye Rye, Screaming Females, and Why?

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