Lost Lakes Amphitheatre and Waterpark is an experience like no other

Cristina Peralta

Aug. 02, 2016

We love concerts, whether it’s an acoustic show at a cozy coffee joint or a roving festival with an explosive production. As long as the music reigns supreme, we’re all in. That said, we wouldn’t mind if the great music was being delivered on a stage along a river where we could also ride horses and BMX bikes, camp, play laser tag, wakeboard, speed down a 100-foot water slide that launches us 25-feet into the air, or pretend we’re superheroes while using a water-propelled jet pack.

While that may sound like a fantasy land you dreamt up as a kid, it’s a very real destination.

Meet one of our newest partners: Lost Lakes Amphitheatre and Waterpark in Oklahoma City, OK. All of the above amenities and more—including a 30,000-capacity festival grounds and a 5,000-seat amphitheatre—sit upon a 1,000-acre stretch along the Oklahoma River, just two miles from downtown Oklahoma City. The property has already soft-opened and will celebrate its grand opening on August 19 in conjunction with its first Ticketfly-supported concert, DayDream, an EDM blowout with Galantis, Snails, Ghastly and more.

Lost Lakes Opener

Howard Pollack, a veteran promoter and one of the three masterminds of the project along with Brad White and Garret Skeen, refers to Lost Lakes as “an organic Disneyland.”

“We want to make the concert experience more than just a concert experience, and more than just an amusement park,” Pollack says.

The site has been home to a 120-acre wakeboard park, run by Skeen, for the past four years. Earlier this year, the city leased Skeen an additional 800+ acres. That’s when Skeen reached out to Pollack, who’d been involved in various venues and projects over the years, including OKC’s Downtown Airpark. “It was a great union,” Pollack says. “They have a better piece of land than anybody’s ever seen that’s still available in the heart of Oklahoma.”

Lost Lakes is a vital piece of the region’s entertainment-driven boom.

“Oklahoma City right now is seeing a resurgence in its economy and its population base, and it’s based upon the fact that there’s so much activity going on in Downtown Oklahoma City along the river,” Pollack says. “The next growth is where we are.”

The park is nothing like anyone has seen before, Pollack says. He would know; he’s been in the concert business for more than 40 years.

“We’re watching the business and studying it all across the nation and all across the world for that matter, and seeing where it’s lagging behind. We’re realizing now that maybe we need to add a little more entertainment value to a concert ticket,” he says. “Now people could come into our park and for a $10 ticket they can hang out, watch the people go down the slide, hang out on the beach that we have on a lake with a bar and DJ stations, or they can decide they want to upcharge and go on the slide or paintball. Or, if they want to go to a concert, it’s all included in the VIP ticket; extras can be added onto a GA ticket.”

Lost Lakes is also Pollack’s last hurrah.

“I’ve been doing concerts since the ‘70s,” he says. “I just want to see something that’s going to leave a mark on Oklahoma City. I want to see something that the concertgoers feel they’re getting bang for their buck … and give them something that they can write home about, they can spread word about and say, ‘Hey, we just saw the greatest concert, we got to ride down this kickass slide, we got to ride horses on the river, we got to hang out on a beach in Oklahoma.’ It’s unique. It’s new. It’s different. It’s Lost Lakes.”

While the park’s features and offerings could easily sell themselves, Pollack and his team wanted to ensure they were hitting the right audience. That’s where Ticketfly comes in—“a no-brainer,” in Pollack’s words.

“Right now, social marketing is how we’re getting to millennials, how we’re getting to the extreme sports crowd,” he says. “We’re a totally, totally new thing and Ticketfly has a platform that is totally friendly to getting to that younger audience.”

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