Magic is Coming to Ticketfly…


Sep. 09, 2014


It’s not all work and no play around these parts. We’ve mentioned before how we’re a competitive group and when our employees need a chance to rewind there are a variety of options to choose from: ping pong, musical instruments, video games, and other fun activities can be found throughout the office. However, our inter-office competitions have been taken to a new level recently by an entirely employee led enterprise: Magic the Gathering.

The popularity of Magic is on the rise across our Engineering team. Several times a week hopeful competitors gather in conference rooms to test their skills in a battle of cards hoping to be named the winner. And we’re not going to lie: they’ve gotten pretty good. So good in fact that we’re putting out a challenge to our fellow Magic loving engineers in the Bay Area: Come join us in the office for a Magic the Gathering Tournament and test your skills against ours.

We’ll provide the decks, scoreboards, snacks, you name it. The only thing you’ll have to bring is yourself, and a resume. If our current Magic playing engineer population is any indication of fit and success within our company- then we want to meet you! One sheet of paper is all that stands in your way between awesome prizes and potential gainful employment.

Tournament Details:

WHO: Bay Area Software Engineer Magic players!

WHAT:  This is going to be a 4-round 6-pack Return to Ravnica Block sealed event with a cut to top 4, with 2 additional rounds for those players. 2x RTR, 2x GTC, 2x DGM.

PRIZES – We promised they’d be amazing!

1st place: From the Vault: 20

2nd place: Dark Confidant

3rd place: Karn Liberated

4th place: Brimaz, King of Oreskos

WHEN: Sunday, September 14th at 11 AM

WHERE: Ticketfly HQ

HOW: Space is limited!

This tournament will be capped at 24 players.To reserve your spot please email with a .doc or PDF version of your resume attached. The first 24 people to send in an email with a resume attached will receive registration instructions.


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