Make life easier and fight fraud with Ticket Transfers

Jul. 12, 2017

Whether you’re putting on a summer festival or programming a club calendar, live events are meant to be social, but coordination can be a pain for fans. We’ve all been there: Your friend has your ticket but is running late, has to bail with the flu, or can’t get a babysitter. Life happens! Starting today, you can solve this hassle for fans by giving them an easy and safe way to transfer tickets to anyone with an email address. No way! Way.


The process is quick and simple. You mark ticket types transferable when you build or edit an event in Backstage. Wayne buys tickets and sends one to Garth’s email through his Ticketfly account. Garth accepts. Wayne gets an email with any remaining tickets in his order. Garth gets a fresh ticket. They’re in. Party time! Excellent.

transfer acceptance

Here are three big reasons why Ticket Transfers are a win-win for you and your fans:

1. Make life better for fans
Ticket holders can coordinate with friends more easily on their terms, fewer tickets end up going to waste, and transfer receivers can rest easy knowing their ticket’s 100% legit before forking over $$$, reducing fraud.

2. Make life easier for your box office and door staff
There’s not a venue staffer out there who hasn’t consoled a fan that bought a fake ticket from someone they didn’t know. When fans can securely transfer tickets among themselves, you stay focused on your event instead of last minute name swaps and tears at the door.

3. Grow your email list
On the acceptance page, we’re giving ticket receivers an opportunity to opt into marketing emails about your future events.

Ticket Transfers means no more handoffs, no more box office fuss, and no more tears! Combined with Lyte ticket exchanges for sold out events, we’re helping you deliver a better fan experience so fans can quickly, easily, and safely transfer tickets both when they know who to give them to and when they don’t.

If you’re a current Ticketfly partner, start making tickets transferable and getting the word out to your fans! Interested in delivering a better fan experience with Ticketfly? Join the movement.

*Hat tip to our pals at Iron City for the creative inspiration behind our video letting fans know they can transfer tickets to friends. Check it out!

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