Making a great first impression: Pandora Premium

Cristina Peralta

Apr. 07, 2017

It’s only been two weeks since the curtain was pulled back on Pandora Premium and we’re officially smitten. Here, the Ticketfly team explains why we love Pandora’s new on-demand tier.

“I’ve been very satisfied with the ‘add similar songs’ feature on playlists. With other services, I never would’ve tried to create a playlist on my phone. The suggested additions feel right and make it super easy.” – Chris A., Content Marketing Manager

With Pandora Premium, you can start a playlist with just one or two songs, which means your playlists aren’t a chore to create.

“My “Thumbs Up” playlist is like traveling through time. I’ve been a Pandora user since the early 2000s and it’s so fun to have easy access to songs that immediately take me back to different chapters in my life.” – Rachel D., Director of Communications

Pandora Premium is all about personalization. One of the coolest features is your “Thumbs Up” playlist, a collection of every song you’ve ever thumbed up across all your stations.

“I’d totally forgotten that Mike Will Made It’s Ransom 2 was coming out because of its fifteen month delay. Right after it was released, there it is in the New Music section. Am I surprised Pandora knew I wanted to hear some bangers this past Monday morning? No.” – Micah R., Recruiter

“Search is great. The flow of selecting artists, albums, and songs is really intuitive and easy to navigate.” – Spenser C., Client Support Rep

Finding what you want to listen to can be overwhelming. Pandora Premium introduces a number of features that help you get to the music you love faster than ever, like serving up highly personalized new music recommendations each week and eliminating karaoke tracks from search results.

“The new Now Playing design gets me to peek at my phone every time a new song comes on.” – Chris A.

I’m a “rabbit hole” kinda person and it is very easy to spend hours on Pandora Premium, exploring related artists and similar sounds.” – Spenser C.

Pandora Premium features a completely redesigned Now Playing experience that dynamically changes color based on the artwork of the music you’re listening to, and other visual upgrades.

I’ve taken a few trips this past month that have caged me up on a plane for hours! But I’ve really enjoyed downloading my favorite new albums and songs—Sampha & Syd, for example—to take with me.  And even when that music came to an end, my stations were waiting offline to keep the music going.” – Tashana S., Product Marketing Manager

“I was driving on an isolated country road listening to Pandora through bluetooth when I lost service. A voice came through the speakers telling me Pandora understood I’d lost service and was bumping me to an offline station. Without having to fiddle with the dial or take my eyes off the road, I got bumped to my offline Mumford & Sons station and it was awesome. The music never stops!” – Rachel D. 

Pandora Plus automatically downloaded your top stations, providing seamless offline listening for those times when you’re unable to connect. Pandora Premium ups the stakes, giving you the ability to download any album, song or playlist with no limits.

Pandora Premium, with features tailored to your preferences, is the best way to get personal with the music you love. What amazing music experience will you have with Pandora Premium? Check it out now on the App Store, Google Play or at

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