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Oct. 23, 2015

Over the years, the network of venue and promoter websites we power has become the largest in the world: it now includes 600+ websites, generating millions of unique visitors each month. Today, that network gets a serious upgrade with the rollout of our new Mobile-Optimized Client Websites.

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Way back in 2008, we launched our Ticketfly-powered website platform, an offering that has made it easy for thousands of venues and promoters to showcase upcoming events to million of fans searching for tickets. Fast-forward to today and all those voracious fans are still searching, just on much smaller screens. We’ve had a mobile solution for our partners since 2010, but we knew we needed to up the ante with enhancements that would create beautiful websites for every screen size.

It’s not news that mobile is where online activity is growing fastest. 55% of page views on the Ticketfly-powered website platform are taking place on mobile. Earlier this year, we asked our friends over at Harris Poll to find out how—and how much—fans are using their phones at events, and the results were pretty staggering. Close to a third (31 percent) of 18-34 year olds who own a smartphone and go to live events say they are on their phone during half of the event or longer. And that’s at the show.

Our Mobile-Optimized Client Websites include a brand new, streamlined UI that makes it easier than ever for the on-the-go fan to discover events and buy tickets (which is pretty much all fans these days). Desktop features such as scrolling an image carousel or viewing event detail pages can now be fully experienced right from any iOS or Android device. The new sites are sure to make all other websites envious.

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Since we’re in the business of making things easy, there’s no extra work required to get this up and running. If you’re a part of the platform, we’re already rolling this out. Keep your eyes peeled on your mobile browser over the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can check out a few mobile-friendly sites right now (from your phone of course):

Mobile-Optimized Client Websites come standard on the Ticketfly-powered website platform, and are fully integrated with our suite of marketing and analytics tools. That means that new events created in Ticketfly Backstage update on your mobile website automatically. For fans, browsing a Ticketfly-powered website on mobile now means superior event discovery through a more cohesive experience.

If you’re new to these parts and want to learn more about the Ticketfly-powered website platform, head here and let’s chat.

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