New Feature! Purchase Questions Help You Get to Know Your Customers


Mar. 14, 2012

by Amy Miller, Community Manager

Howdy, Fly friends! Ticketfly has got a new feature on the books that we think will really excite promoters and customers – Purchase Questions! OK, it might not sound that exciting. Don’t worry, your fans don’t need to pass any standardized tests to get into your event. It’s much cooler than that. No Scantrons or hanging chads involved. Ticketfly’s Purchase Questions give promoters the ability to gather valuable customer information during the ticket buying process.

What’s so cool about questions?
Let’s say you run a charity event, conference, festival, or amusement park and you’re selling tickets with us. Purchase Questions make it easy for you to find out how customers heard about an event, collect t-shirt sizes, gather age information, or confirm whether or not customers are *really* ready to ride that new upside-down coaster. Music promoters can use questions for all kinds of things! You can get feedback about your club, run fan giveaways, find out which new beer your customers would like on tap, collect additional contact info, and more.

How does it work?
Now when you build your event on Ticketfly, you can create open questions, multiple choice questions, or contact fields that will show up when fans buy tickets. Make them either optional or required. After the event, you can view collected info in your account or filter and export it for later use! And everything happens in Ticketfly’s Backstage content management system; you won’t need a 3rd party survey service.

For customers, it means the events and venues you love will be able to offer you cool free stuff, better target your interests, and get your valuable feedback, no yelps required.

If you’re not currently a Ticketfly client and would like more info, check us out!

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