New Relic + Ticketfly: Building and Monitoring Scalable Software (VIDEO)


Jun. 20, 2013

With our headquarters in the thick of San Francisco’s tech scene and our deep roots in agile development and industry-first product development (like our Fanbase customer analytics suite, released last month), we’re always looking for innovative technology partners to help make our service better.

The application monitoring startup New Relic (CEO Lew Cirne pictured below with Ticketfly’s VP of Engineering Matt Baird at GigaOM Structure) has been getting a lot of buzz, for good reason: the company enables developers to easily track traffic, server load, and errors before they create problems for users.

As part of their new open platform launch this week, New Relic profiled Ticketfly. Check out the video above to see Matt and Antonio discuss how New Relic helps our platform scale to meet high user demand.

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