Not Your Father’s Ticketing Service… Unless He’s a Founding Father


Nov. 15, 2012

The Hermitage, President Andrew Jackson’s mansion and burial ground in Nashville, Tennessee, recently partnered with Ticketfly (on sale now: holiday evening tours of the residence).

Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson may have been the most rough and rugged President of the United States. His success in the Revolutionary War and many duels stand as proof (including a fatal ending for a Mr. Charles Dickinson), but Jackson was not only known for his strength.

Jackson was pragmatic once in office. He was the only U.S. President in history to pay off the national debt (don’t get too excited; we were only debt-free for one year, according to NPR). If he had lived in a time with the Internet and social media, and was an event promoter instead of a mere President, we’re pretty sure Jackson would have chosen Ticketfly’s automated marketing platform.

For more information on personal, group, and school tours of Andrew Jackson’s home in Nashville, please visit the Hermitage website.

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