#NP March 2016


Mar. 21, 2016

The ides of March have certainly not gotten us down. We just launched our new iOS app and we’re celebrating the only way we know how—new tunes and new shows baked right into our latest #NP at Ticketfly HQ, the blog series that brings you all the beats playing around the ‘fly. Also, we recently discovered that Lauren, a flyer on our Marketing team, is slightly obsessed with Beyoncé. You read it here first. Here’s to vibing out to some classics and new jams on our playlist below.


NP MelissaName: Melissa
Department: G&A
Now playing: DJ Snake – Middle; Alessia Cara – Here
Best concert experience: Goo Goo Dolls & Maxwell. Both performed at the Mountain Winery in 2014. Also, honorable mention goes to the E-40 surprise performance back at Wild Jam 2011.
Next upcoming concert in March or beyond: Bottlerock Napa 2016
Most recent album purchase: Adele and I will admit here … the one and only … Bieber. Shh!
Random fact: I’m really afraid of Ferris Wheels (especially the one at Disneyland).

NP TommyName: Tommy
Department: Sales
Now playing: Selena Gomez – Hands to Myself
Best concert experience: Dr. Dog at the Riv in Chicago
Next upcoming concert in March or beyond: Ben Harper
Most recent album purchase: Gorilla Zoe – Don’t Feed Da Animals
Favorite lyric: “281-330-8004” – Mike Jones



NP LaurenName: Lauren
Department: Marketing
Now playing: Beyoncé – Formation (on repeat, all day, every day)
Best concert experience: Beyoncé (notice the trend), the one true Queen perform live
Next upcoming concert in March or beyond: I’m obviously going to see the Formation tour.
Most recent album purchase: Surprisingly, I have not purchased an album since 12/13/13 when the world was changed by the Beyoncé’s release of Beyoncé.
Random fact AND favorite lyric: “I’ve been drinking … watermelon” – Beyoncé. It’s actually both a random fact (we have the Watermelon Hint water here at the ‘fly) and my favorite lyric right now.

NP JamieName: Jamie
Department: Sales
Now playing: Thriftworks – Ghost Hustler
Best concert experience: I’ve had quite a few phenomenal concert experiences, but most recently Beats Antique at The Catalyst takes the cake.
Next upcoming concert in March or beyond: CocoRosie at The Regency Ballroom in SF on 3/27
Most recent album purchase: Cirque du Soleil soundtrack to Kurios (Cabinets Des Curiosites)
Random fact: 45% of Americans believe in ghosts.


Full-time Flyers receive a “Shows on Us” benefit to reimburse the cost of tickets to events. Love live events and connecting people to them? Check out open positions at Ticketfly.

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