#NP: Now Playing February 2017

Cristina Peralta

Feb. 09, 2017


Now Playing (#NP) at Ticketfly HQ is the blog series that brings you all the beats playing around the ‘fly, handpicked by our music-crazed teammates. Feast your ears on our eclectic playlist and meet a few of the folks helping to bring you the shows you love.


Name: MaryMargaret
Department: Sales
Now playing: Coffee – Sylvan Esso
Best concert experience: Roger Waters @ Desert Trip 2016
Next upcoming concert in February or beyond: FRENSHIP @ The Troubadour, The Brevet @ Bootleg Theater, and U2 and Tom Petty in the summer!
Most recent album purchase: I pay for Spotify so don’t really buy albums anymore…
Recent Top Played: Bon Iver’s 22, A Million…I did buy some tunes from Beyonce’s Lemonade- that was the last purchase on iTunes 🙂
Favorite Lyric: “You need not to find a cure, For everything that makes you weak” City & Colour – Against the Grain



Name: Natalia
Department: Customer Support
Now playing: Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune featuring Christine Hoberg
Best concert experience: I’m the worst at choosing bests – they all have special places in my heart for different reasons…but top 3 would maaaybe be:
1) The XX at the Fox – You know when performers just rip open their chests and show you their entire hearts and souls? That happened and it was magical.
2) The Sounds – They did a 10-year anniversary tour of Dying to Say This to You in December, and my heart nearly burst from the energy and overall badassery.
3) Green Day at the UC Theatre – smaller venue, HUGE performance, and everyone in the audience was a super fan. Swoon.
Next upcoming concert in February or beyond: Purity Ring (DJ Set) @ The Great Northern
Most recent album purchase: Grimes – Art Angels
Favorite Lyric: “But you can set sail to the west if you want to
And pass the horizon, ’til I can’t even see you
Far from here
Where the beaches are wide
Just leave me your wake to remember you by”
– Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk


Name: Sean
Department: Recruiting
Now playing: J. Cole – For Your Eyes Only
Best concert experience: First and Best … Michael Jackson (History Tour) @ Aloha Stadium!
Next upcoming concert in February or beyond: Coachella!
Most recent album purchase: Moana Soundtrack (for my daughter)
Favorite Lyric: “Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew
But through it all, when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out
I faced it all and I stood tall
And did it my way”
-My Way, Frank Sinatra


Name: Jeff
Department: HR/Recruiting
Now playing: Birds (Travis Scott), Culture (Migos), Speak My Peace (HBK-CJ), Stoney (Post Malone)
Best concert experience: E-40 @ UCSB Extravaganza 2006
Next upcoming concert in February or beyond: Still planning, likely Travis Scott
Most recent album purchase: Culture – Migos , S/O to Gkoop on the co-production on the hit single “Bad & Boujiee”
Favorite Lyric: “The best hands down like 6:30” – Paul Cain

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