#NP: Now Playing November 2016

Cristina Peralta

Nov. 10, 2016


Now Playing (#NP) at Ticketfly HQ is the blog series that brings you all the beats playing around the ‘fly, handpicked by our music-crazed teammates. Feast your ears on our eclectic playlist and meet a few of the folks helping to bring you the shows you love.

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NPJonName: Jason
Department: Sales
Now playing: Ron Gallo – Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me
Best concert experience: Front row for Radiohead Bonnaroo 2012.
Next upcoming concert in November or beyond: Jim James at the Ryman
Most recent album purchase: Michael Kiawanuka – Love & Hate
Random Fact: More than 14% of all babies born in the southern hemisphere do not know their name when they are born.


NPMikeName: Shiree
Department: Sales
Now playing: HEALTH “DEATH MAGIC” and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “One More Time With Feeling”
Best concert experience: The Prodigy and Crystal Method headlined BFD in the late 90’s, and that might be at the top of the list. I also saw Garbage on their 20 Years Queer tour last year which was absolutely incredible, so that one is up there as well. #nostalgia
Next upcoming concert in November or beyond: Stevie Nicks!!
Most recent album purchase: BANKS “The Altar”
Favorite Lyrics: mistakes our fathers made // will always be the same that we make // oh we never learn // we light up our hands and watch them burn – Chelsea Wolfe “Gold”

NPEmilyName: Sarah Brucker “S.B.”
Department: Marketing
Now playing: Cake – I Will Survive
Best concert experience: Being the headline sponsor @ Bonaroo 2014 — for obvious reasons the entire experience was A+, but highlight was hearing BB King sing “You Are My Sunshine.” There may have been tears flowing.
Next upcoming concert in November or beyond: Jon Wayne + the Pain (@ The Filling Station in Bozeman, MT)
Most recent album purchase: Hmmmm…. it was the late 90s (I’m a streamer). My best guess would be Blood Sugar Sex Magik – RHCP.
Favorite Lyrics: “Your butt is mine” – first line of MJ’s “Bad” album

NPMaiaName: Steven
Department: G & A
Now playing: What’s currently playing in the lobby right now, lol. “Oops I Did It Again” by Britney Spears
Best concert experience: This last month, I went to iHeartRadio in Vegas and got to watch Panic! at the Disco perform ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ live and I kinda spazzed out from an overwhelmingly awesome performance.
Next upcoming concert in November or beyond: Going to watch Harry Potter the movie with a live symphony accompaniment!
Most recent album purchase: Going to be buying Michael Buble’s new album because it’s Michael Buble.
Favorite Lyrics & Random Fact: All the lyrics in “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot // I tripped getting off the Muni in front of the office, lol.

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