#NP at Ticketfly HQ [Rdio Playlist]


Aug. 01, 2013

We listen to some pretty cool music before, during, & after work, and when we’re not at the office, we’re at concerts. That’s why we made a monthly #NP blog post to showcase the Ticketfly team and our different tastes in music. Here’s the music Damon, Thomas, Genna, Jerome, and Dave are now playing. Listen up!

Name: Damon
Department: Service Operations
Now Playing: Knut – Terraformer
Next Upcoming Show: Godflesh at the Oakland Metro
Most Recent Album Purchase: The Adventures of Beef Thompson Check Your Local Listings – Beefy
Favorite lyrics or random fact: Danzig once invited me to a warehouse party, showed me around and then left me in the stripper room.


Name: Thomas
Department: Customer Support
Now Playing: Sophie – “Bipp”
Next Upcoming Show: Outside Lands
Most Recent Album Purchase: Rhye – Woman & Jay Z – Magna Carta… Holy Grail
Favorite lyrics: If you should ever leave me / Well life would still go on believe me / The world could show nothing to me/ So what good would living do me?
Fact: Mega Man was almost named Rainbow Man.

Name: Genna
Department: Finance
Now Playing: http://hypem.com/gbjones
Next Upcoming Show: Rancid
Most Recent Album Purchase: The Postal Service – “A Tattered Line of String”
Favorite lyrics or random fact: I have a significant girl crush on Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes (thanks to #raffiyo).


Name: Jerome
Department: Engineering
Now Playing: Night Marauders – “Three Inches of Blood”
Next Upcoming Show: Between the Buried and Me
Most Recent Album Purchase: Blue Record – Baroness
Favorite lyrics or random fact: In Alabama, putting salt on a railroad track may be punishable by death.
Name: Dave
Department: Sales, Canada
Now Playing: Kurt Vile
Next Upcoming Show: Wax Atlantic
Most Recent Album Purchase: Parquet Courts
Favorite lyrics or random fact: Musician Gwilym Gold introduced his own music format called “Bronze,” which is a complicated algorithm, creating a unique version of his songs with each listen. Learn more at http://bronzeformat.com

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