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Oct. 23, 2013

At Ticketfly we listen to a lot of music and go to shows every week. It’s just what we do, so every month we spill our current tastes and disclose the upcoming shows on our calendars. This month, we’re enjoying music from Phantogram, CHVRCHES, Best Coast, and many more amazing artists. Listen up!


Name: Jamie
Department: Customer Support
Now playing: Phantogram – “Black Out Days”
Best concert experience: No Doubt at the HP Pavilion in 5th grade
Next upcoming concert: CHVRCHES at the Fox Theatre
Most recent album purchase: Best Coast – Fade Away EP
Favorite lyrics or random fact: “I’ll never look back, never give up.” Haim – “Falling”


Name: Gary
Department: Sales
Now playing: Rihanna – Unapologetic
Best concert experience: Purity Ring at The Independent SF
Next upcoming show: 120 Minutes featuring Gatekeeper & Tamara Sky @ Elbo Room
Most recent album purchase: Phantogram self-titled EP
Favorite lyrics: “Heart of a Lion with steel in my chest for the ones I love I’ll follow you to hell and back!” – Terror



Name: Jess
Department: Fulfillment
Now playing: Suicide- “Dominic Christ”, CCR Headcleaner- “Steal the Light”, Freak Heat Waves- “Nausea”, Night Beats- “Love isn’t strange (everything else is)”
Best concert experience: Weird Al Yankovic or The Clean
Next upcoming concert: Besides the million Halloween cover shows happening… The Sonics, Phantom Surfers, and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy @ The New Parish
Most recent album purchase:  Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey birds – Haunted Head & Lamps – Under the water under the ground
Favorite quote: “Jesus Wept”


Name: Aran
Department: Product
Now playing: XXYYXX – “About You”
Best concert experience: The Decemberists or The XX. I can’t pick one 🙂
Next upcoming concert: Kaki King
Most recent album purchase: Trentemøller – Lost
Favorite lyrics or random fact: I’m like Shazam or SoundHound but for recognizing vocalists.



Name: Brandy
Department: Marketing Services
Now playing: And So I Watch You From Afar – All Hail Bright Futures
Best concert experience: Flower Travellin’ Band playing songs from their 70’s cult psych album Satori was pretty mindblowing. I just saw And So I Watch You From Afar and cannot believe how incredible they are live – if they are playing, you should go so they can melt your face off!
Next upcoming concert: Nightlands at The Chapel
Most recent album purchase: Chvrches – The Bones of What You Believe
Favorite lyrics or random fact: Cuttlefish skin contains chromatophores, so it’s like a living high-definition TV. Each of their color cells are controlled by an individual neuron, allowing them to create complex color variations and patterns. They also have iridophores can create colors like metallic blue, green, gold, and silver.

Full-time Ticketfly employees receive a “Shows on Us” benefit to reimburse the cost of tickets to events. (Thank you!) Enjoy the show, guys.

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