Pete Shapiro: the music never stops

Cristina Peralta

Aug. 07, 2018

Penned by San Francisco Chronicle music columnist Joel Selvin, “Fare Thee Well” documents the journey of the remaining members of the Dead in a post-Garcia world. We’ve been passing it around the office and imagine our pride when we saw a very familiar name adorning Chapter 18.

Fare Thee Well

Now, Pete Shapiro’s leading role in the jam band scene is no secret and being the “entrepreneurial leader of the new generation of Deadheads” is a mantle recognized and appreciated by the Dead community many times. From creating Deadhead documentaries in his early days to taking over Wetlands Preserve at the fresh age of 23, his commitment to the Dead scene has been, and remains unwavering.

His most recent tribute was a little over three years ago when he worked tirelessly to deliver the Fare Thee Well concert series to delighted Deadheads around the country, with Phish frontman Trey Anastasio stepping in for Jerry Garcia.

From the book: “Shapiro never lost touch with his fan side. He was one of the crowd and ably represented their audience’s point-of-view to band members. In the entire music business, only Shapiro was positioned to be able to navigate the thorny, twisting slippery back channels of the Grateful Dead world to bring the fractured group back together just long enough to play these concerts.”

Shapiro was the ‘fly’s very first client and to this day we are trusted partners to not only the original Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY, but also the newer Las Vegas Brooklyn Bowl, and the iconic Capitol Theater in NY. Selvin calls out Shapiro’s trademark “pluck, ambition and drive,” which are three words that ring true for us when thinking about Shapiro, with perhaps charisma and sincerity thrown into the mix.

In any case we’re proud as punch to see him recognized in this final chapter, tell-all narrative of the Dead’s years after Garcia. “Fare Thee Well” is a modern piece of rock history that shines some light on the “what happened after…”. We encourage you to check it out!

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