Hot Off the Press: Recent Attention from Fortune, NY Times, & Billboard


Dec. 11, 2013

People call us David to the Goliath of ticketing (the company that shall not be named). We’ve been mentioned all over the place as the leading technology provider to the live events industry. But what do elite media publications say about us?

Well, we’ve recently been featured in Fortune, New York Times, Billboard, the Silicon Valley Business Journal, and the Denver Post, and all of them have a lot to say about our momentum in the live music sphere. Fortune’s Daniel Roberts discussed a much-anticipated battle against the ticketing monopoly, while the Times spoke with tech startup founders about strategy, including our CEO Andrew Dreskin.

All the recent press obviously makes us giddy, but check out the articles to see for yourself:

Taking down Ticketmaster, Fortune

Start-Up Founders Look Beyond the Usual Options of Selling or Going Public, NY Times

Mohr Davidow VC Bill Ericson on Rocket Fuel, Chegg and $1B ‘unicorns’, SV Business Journal

Scalpers, bots cut access to tickets for live entertainment shows, Denver Post

Ashley Capps, Charlie Jones and More Get Rained On, Pay $10 for Beer, Take Shots and Name ‘Douchiest Agents’ at Touring Panel, Billboard



Photo Credit: Taking down Ticketmaster


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