Is Your Office Pet-Friendly?


Sep. 16, 2014

At Ticketfly, we looove our pets… so much that we even bring them to work with us! Dogs are the best distractions around the office, and they’re proven stress-relievers. Not to mention, they’re super cute. Meet some of the regulars in our #Puppyfly pack:



Hiya! My name’s Kung Fu. Mickey in Sales is my pops. I’m a Pit/Neapolitan Mastiff mix. I love eating your food. On weekends (after eating your food), you can find me sleeping in Precita Park.



Hi! Our names are Baxter Smalls and Simon LeBonBon. Adam in Marketing Services is our dad. We’re Chihuahua/Min-Pin mixes, though Simon seems to think he’s a giant Rottweiler. Baxter loves fluffy bones and Simon loves any toy Baxter doesn’t hog. On weekends, you can find us sunbathing on the back porch.



Hello there. My name is Jareth… aka: J, J-man, J-money, Chunk, Jerk (when I’m bad). Acacia in Marketing is my mom. I’m a Puggle – half pug, half beagle. I love food comas. Treats and snoozin’, snoozin’ and treats! On weekends, you can find me snoring up the zzzzzzz in the sun.


Val's Pups

Hi! Our names our Chilly, Fusilli, and Ciccia. Valerie in Operations is our mom.  We’re all fun mutts adopted from the pound. We love greenies, walks, lap time, and any human food that falls to the ground. On weekends, you can find us at Fort Funston or Ocean Beach, where we love to run crazy off leash!



Hey! My name’s Eva. Kevin in Engineering is my dad. I’m a Siberian Husky. I love defending my dad from squirrels, and on weekends, you can find me at San Mateo Dog Park.



Hi. My name’s Charlie. Erica in Marketing is my mum. I’m a Terrier/Chihuahua mix. I love chasing squirrels and stealing socks. On a good weekend, you can find me playing at Point Isabel Dog Park or begging for food at Alice’s.



Hello! My name is Moya. Yoli in Marketing Services is my mom. I’m a Whippet mixed with something mysterious and magical. I love pretty much all toys, but particularly the ones I can throw all by myself. I especially love sushi, running top speed alongside my mom’s bike, and sleeping under the covers. On weekends, you can find me in the backyard wrestling with my friends and barking at squirrels.

HELP A DOG! Ticketfly employees take days off WORK to volunteer (VTO) at Family Dog Rescue or SF SPCA. Hope to see you there!


Check out hashtag #puppyfly on Instagram to see all our office pups. 

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