Registered To Vote? Why Not? It’s Easy!


Sep. 21, 2012

As you may already know, Ticketfly is proud to support HeadCount as part of our Ticketfly Causes fundraising and volunteerism program. Basically, we think they’re swell. Did you ever see those old “time to make the donuts” commercials for Dunkin Donuts? Well it is now definitely the time to register to vote, since National Voter Registration Day is tomorrow, Sept 25th, and the presidential election is coming up in just over six weeks. Maybe you’ve heard something about it? This guy wants to be President, and this guy wants to remain President.

Register To Vote

HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that stages voter registration drives at concerts and helps people register to vote online. By reaching young people and music fans where they already are – at concerts and on the Internet – the group makes civic participation easy and fun. All kinds of celebrities and musicians are involved, including Jay-Z, Dave Matthews, Bonnie Raitt, Jack Black, Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket, Ani DiFranco, Jack Johnson, Wilco, Mary J. Blige, Phish, Demetri Martin (pictured above), and lots more.

And of course, the coolest and most famous supporter of all… Ticketfly! We hooked HeadCount up with Riot Fest Chicago this year and registered over 500 new voters. If you partner with Ticketfly or buy tickets with us, you’re helping out too, so go ahead and pat yourself on the back right now. Or at least, pat yourself on the back right after registering to vote. According to Mashable:

Last week, HeadCount conducted a survey of millions of young Americans who had voted for the first time in 2008′s presidential election. The results showed that seven out of 10 had since relocated — of that sample, 43% had not yet updated their voter registration.

It’s not all about who wins the White House, either. Maybe your community is thinking about raising money to build a new school, or your state is holding a referendum on something important like clean energy or tax policy. We all know people who just “don’t have time” to vote, or don’t feel like their voice will make a difference. But by not voting, you’re telling politicians that your concerns shouldn’t matter to them, because you won’t bother to hold them accountable if they don’t listen.

Many states allow you to vote by mail or in person before the election without any special permission; check out this map to see if your state does. On Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th, almost all employers are legally required to give you time to vote. It might not be quite as easy as buying a ticket on Ticketfly, but it is absolutely worth doing.

P.S. If HeadCount’s mission appeals to you, you should encourage your friends and family to volunteer for National Voter Registration Day (be sure to RSVP to the Facebook event).

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