Reliving the Memories: SXSW and Canadian Music Week

Acacia Newlon

Product Marketing Manager

Mar. 28, 2013

From 85˚F Austin to -6˚C Toronto, Ticketfly’s San Francisco staff experienced REAL seasons the past few weeks! We’ve never packed a suitcase more creatively. No, really. Have you ever jammed a bathing suit AND snow boots into your carry-on? Didn’t think so…

Let’s toast one last Lone Star and Canadian to our Yankee and Canuck party partners. We love you, Canadian Music WeekCollective Concerts, The Billions CorporationThe Echo / EchoplexMy Old Kentucky BlogBanjos to Beats.

Now to recap our favorite memories and bands of SXSW and CMW (see below) before we get back to work (and start planning for next year)! Check out our SXSW 2013 and Canadian Music Week 2013 Facebook albums and relive the moments with us.

I broke my toe during Third Eye Blind, stepping off a ledge.  Not a joke. Oh, and Pauly Shore taking selfies at The Agency Group Brunch.
Emily Kramer, Ticketfly Director, Digital + Product Marketing / Resident Ticketfly klutz
Favorite SXSW bands: The Lone BellowAlt-J

Too late to RSVP to your Daytime Lounge with Billions? – Anonymous
It was yesterday. – Acacia
Oh man, I must have lost a day somewhere… – Anonymous
– ME, Ticketfly Marketing Operations Manager / Professional party thrower
Favorite SXSW bands: RhyePAPA

Getting scolded for plugging our Ticketfly emailer on my social media panel.  Hey, a recommendation’s a recommendation!
– Bruce Morrison, Ticketfly General Manager – Canada / Curling aficionado
Favorite CMW band: Chvrches

The viking hat. Now resident hat of The Belmont!” 
– Jack McFadden, Talent Buyer, ACL Live / Prop connoisseur
Favorite SXSW band: Savages

Where are you? – Mike
Here! – Jeff
Where’s here? – Mike
Not there! – Jeff
– Mike Moore + Jeff White, Ticketfly Directors of Sales / Gumshoes
Favorite SXSW bands: Jim JamesThe Mowglis (Jeff), The ThermalsFitz & the Tantrums (Mike)

“Hey, I’m Zach. What’s your name?”
Zach Harris, Agency Associate, Windish Agency / Amnesia sufferer
You just introduced yourself to me 5 minutes ago… and 5 minutes before that.
Alex Maxwell, Talent Buyer, Troubadour / Fanatic ginger juicer
Favorite SXSW band: Peace (Alex), Trinidad James (Zach)

We were robbed! There’s no way two of us could lose an iPhone and a watch in one night. Fireball shots. Never again. Also, I would have liked to see The Joy Formidable. I went to 3 of their shows and missed all 3!
– Brian Arnone, Ticketfly VP of Sales / Victim of theft and Fireball
Favorite SXSW band: NO

Overdosing on poutine and vintage arcade games in Queen West. I killed it at Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker.
– Will Payne, Ticketfly Marketing Communications Manager / King of Kong
Favorite CMW band: Metric

I was watching the Walking Dead on TV and could hear the Zombies playing across the street, so I left and watched the Zombies instead of zombies.
– Stefan Wicks, Ticketfly Customer Support Supervisor / Scott Walker impersonator
Favorite SXSW band: Thurston Moore

Our first night in Austin. 3AM – Wandering the streets as zombies (we encountered 1 finger gun slinger & 1 guy who used his girlfriend as a human shield in a very telling chivalry fail). 3:30AM Rearranged letters of church billboard, not approps (going to hell!). 3:35AM – Found someone’s lost & unlocked cell phone, contacted owner, arranged meeting. 4AM – Returned phone (redeemed!). 4:15AM – Encountered real and incredibly friendly zombies of East Austin. 4:30AM – Home.
– Hunter Motto, Talent Buyer, The Crocodile / Wannabe zombie
Favorite SXSW band: Haim

The crazy woman who walked into to our happy hour to promote her rap/hip hop/classical/dance/pop/techno/jazz album.
Amelie Hamelin, Ticketfly Account Specialist / Lone female Canadian staff member
Favorite CMW band: Cold Specks

Beer after my 4-hour talk. Beer at the Green Mesquite. Pretty much everywhere I had beer.  Austin has great beer.
Andy Headrick, Ticketfly Sr. Platform Architect / Malt beverage hater
Favorite SXSW band: The Joy Formidable

Live Nation folks telling me that Ticketfly’s Canadian arrival is going to make Ticketmaster get their sh*t together!  3 months ago, we were Ticket-who?, and now everyone’s talking about us.
Bruce Eaton, Sales Manager / Everyone’s best friend in Toronto
Favorite CMW band: Daniel Romano 

See y’all next year, eh?  We can’t wait!

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