Hat Trick: Ticketfly Partners with Three Legendary Rock Venues in the Northeast


Feb. 06, 2014

Ticketfly just partnered with three epic and historic rock venues in the Northeast: Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY, Webster Theater in Hartford, CT, and The Palladium in Worcester, MA. We’re pleased to welcome each of them to Ticketfly.

Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY

Originally called “The Town Casino” from the 1940s-1960s, this venue was considered Buffalo’s finest restaurant and late-night hangout for showgirls and tough guys (like Al Capone). The room saw a myriad of musical legends such as Frank Sinatra, Nat ¨King¨ Cole, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Les Paul.

Today, Town Ballroom is back to it’s original glory and host to many more great artists. Upcoming shows at Town Ballroom include Dada Life (2/14), Twenty One Pilots (4/22), and Of Montreal (5/13). For live updates, follow Town Ballroom on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

The Webster Theater – Hartford, CT

The Webster Theater was built more than 70 years ago as a motion picture theater, and was restored in ’92 to its former art deco style with the addition of five bars. Today, the location is perfect for an intimate concert with your favorite band.

Upcoming shows at the Webster include Buckcherry (2/20), Paragon (3/14), Taking Back Sunday/The Used (4/11). For live updates, follow The Webster Theatre on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

The Palladium – Worcester, MA

The Palladium’s been around so long that even The Three Stooges have performed there (it opened in 1928). More recently, they’ve had a ton of big artists roll through, from Skrillex to Blink 182, 50 Cent to the Insane Clown Posse.

Upcoming shows at Palladium include Bring Me the Horizon/Of Mice And Men (2/27), Asking Alexandra (3/25), Mastodon (5/16). For live updates, follow Palladium on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Lotus at Town Ballroom via livemusicblog.com, Levi Benton at Webster Theater via brendandphoto.com, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE at The Palladium via thebackwardspumpkin.com

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