Show Review: Lee “Scratch” Perry at The Independent, San Francisco

Oct. 03, 2011

by Daniel Martinez, Bi-lingual Customer Support Rep

As I got to The Independent, the first band, CV Dub had already started. CV Dub describes themselves as “cross-fertalization of reggae grooves with jazz melodies.”  I couldnt help swaying to their grooves and be amazed by how many different instruments they were using.  I was impressed to see one of the musicians playing the violin which is a first for me since I have been to a few dub/reggae shows.  The crowd got really into it as they went off into a different world taking the audience with them through amazing tones and a super solid rhythm section.  I would say that it was a very complimentary band for the headliner, Lee “Scratch” Perry.

Lee Perry came out like a king.  Dressed in gold bling, military-style uniform, King Kong action figure for a chain hanging around his neck, and his dyed red beard, he brought nothing but smiles and great vibes to the venue.  He played songs from many different artists that he has produced/written over the years, including Bob Marley, Max Romeo, Mikey Dread and made them his own.  His sense of pride is clearly shown through his lyrics, his presence, and his rants which I really enjoyed.  And although one may think his age might have slowed him down, it hasn’t.  I was honored to witness such a performance, he is a living legend in the reggae and music production world.

And not that we should necessarily be encouraging these shoddy YouTube videos of shows at our client venues…but here is the work of some dude with an iPhone at the Lee show. That outfit is bangin!

And be sure to check out other upcoming shows at The Indy!

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