Social Strategies: Make the Most of #TwitterMusic (Plus 8 Tips for Tweeting)


May. 13, 2013

We’re always looking for new music, and since Twitter Music launched last month, life has gotten a lot easier. Twitter Music keeps a running tab of the top 140 (clever, right?) trending artists: popular and emerging. You can sample all the songs from the landing page, and if it’s love at first listen, iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio are just a click away.

Not only does Twitter Music give you the low-down on trending artists, whether they’re Top 40 radio-sensations or indie rockers, but it also recommends artists and keeps you updated on music #nowplaying by all the people you follow. What else could a music junkie need?

Now that Twitter has merged two of our favorite things: social networking and music, it’s more important than ever to hone your Twitter skills for marketing and promotional purposes. Follow these tips to improve your online-cred and catch the attention of your followers:

8 Rules for Tweeting Better Than Your Teenage Daughter

1. Use #hashtags.

This will always be the #1 rule for Twitter. Hash tags set Twitter apart from any other social network. They organize information, group tweets like clockwork, and bring people together. Isn’t that the purpose of social media? If you want your tweets to be seen by people who don’t already follow you, you have to use hash tags.

2. Always @ mention.

If you’re tweeting about an artist or a venue, why not @ mention them? Mentioning other users enters you into the pool for a potential retweet or mention. Maybe you’ll hit the jackpot and your favorite artist will retweet you to millions of their followers. Cha-ching!

3. Timing is everything.

Just like there’s bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway during rush hour, there’s also high-traffic on the interwebs, given the time of day. You might be nocturnal and tweet at 3am, but barely anyone is going to see your middle-of-the-night posts (maybe for the better). #Twitterafterdark (yes, that’s a commonly-used hashtag) is not the most thrilling time to be lurking your feed, and not a good time to spread the word. Save your important tweets for the daytime.

4. Use symbols, abbreviations, and acronyms. 

Twitter is great because nothing is taken too seriously. Not saying that everyone using it DGAF, but the simplicity and character limit deserve a lot of credit for the success of the company. Symbols, abbreviations (sci-fi, gov’t, prof., tix), and acronyms (TGIF, lol) are crucial to get your message across within 140 characters.

5. Keep it simple.

With so much data available online, our attention spans are limited. We easily stray on to the next article, profile, etc., and we rarely read block text or novels on a computer screen. When (and if) you have someone’s attention, your message needs to be potent and succinct.

6. Put pictures and videos in your posts. 

People love pictures and videos. The “Corgi Flop” has 8 million (and counting) views on YouTube. Need I say more?

7. Don’t fear CAPS. They don’t actually BITE. 

CAPS get a lot of hate, and if you keep them on lock, they can be too aggressive, like an online shouting match. It’s even a cardinal rule of public relations to STAY AWAY from CAPS at all costs. They can look like spam, especially in e-mail subject lines.

However, strategic capitalization is smart on social media. Capitalizing one word of your tweet, or a tweet that is very brief, can be an extremely effective way to catch someone’s attention. So RELAX, it’s okay to use CAPS to attract attention and make your tweet POP once in a while.

Take it from upcoming Oakland artist @chippy_nonstop. Her tweets always catch my eye and are more entertaining thanks to her use of CAPS:

Use CAPS when tweeting a direct command like @VICERECORDS:

BREAKING news should never be announced in lowercase:

8. Have fun.

This is a social network. You’re tweeting, not writing legal documents. Enjoy yourself, and your enthusiasm will shine through to your followers!

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