SXSW in 10 tweets

Cristina Peralta

Mar. 14, 2017

Since launching 30 years ago, South by Southwest (or SXSW for those in the know) has grown from a charming little music conference into an expansive gathering that includes not just music, but also film and technology, and attracts more than 50,000 attendees to Austin, TX over 10 days each March.

Like many companies, Ticketfly will make its way to Texas to be part of SXSW this year. It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with partners and industry friends. It’s also really fun — a week-long party with a soundtrack performed by the best bands.

Are you a seasoned “South-by” vet, with a proven hangover-avoiding technique and a Google doc with all the bands you plan to catch? Or maybe you’ve never been and are wondering what it’s really like? Either way, you’ll want to check out these ten tweets from the past ten years that we think capture the essence of SXSW.

  1. Word on the street

#FOMO is constant for all who attend SXSW. By the way, Wu-Tang did play a “secret” show in a closed down factory 20 miles outside of town…that started at 4am.

  1. Existential angst

Not really.

  1. Constructive criticism

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Aspiring stars

With hundreds of bands from all over the world performing, the odds would seem to be in Brooke’s favor.

  1. Celebrity sightings

SXSW attracts lots of famous people. And who doesn’t love tacos?

  1. Too much of a good thing

Thank goodness. Imagine what it’d be like if they didn’t?

  1. Colorful bracelets

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.52.14 AM

What your arm looks like after a week of nonstop shows, parties, screenings, and concerts.

  1. A timeless tale

Your friend texts you that he can’t get into the party you’re at. You, confidence bolstered by the open bar, text him back that you’ll “hook it up, no problem.” The door guy doesn’t take to your suggestion that he let your friend cut the line. You end up kicked out. But there’s a silver lining — you’re now reunited with your buddy. And on the list for 26 other parties also happening right now.

  1. Business opportunities

A practical solution to the common SXSW complaint, “My free drinks aren’t strong enough!” Hopefully, someone was able to help this person out.

  1. You paid for that?!


With all the free booze flowing courtesy of the brands, record labels, and start-ups vying for your attention during SXSW, it is a crime that anyone should have to pay for a beer. Even one as excellent as Lone Star.

  1. #truth

Says it all, pretty much.

South by Southwest continues through March 19. If you’re not in Austin, after reading this it’s kinda like you are.

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