The 2012 Ticketfly Marketing Summit Rocked Our World!


Jan. 20, 2012

by Amy Miller, Ticketfly Community Manager

This week, Ticketfly had the great pleasure of bringing over 100 of our clients out to San Francisco for the first annual #TicketflySummit. Held at Union Square’s Parc 55 Hotel, the Summit was equal parts learning, testimonials, music, parties, bonding and workshopping. Partners in attendance included The Troubadour, Congress Theatre, IMP Presents, Sunset Promotions, Danny Zelisko, Monqui Presents, Austin City Limits, R5 Productions, Knitting Factory Entertainment and many many more. As a young company, this was the first time we’ve really been able to get so many of our valued clients in one room and be able to share our experience and knowledge while getting their feedback. It was magic!

Here were some highlights!


We kicked things off with a party at 111 Minna. DJ Aaron Axelsen provided the soundtrack and Peter Solmssen provided some of the scenery. It was incredible to see so many of the country’s most influential live music promoters getting drunk in one room. If a bomb had hit, the touring industry would have taken a real dive. Too morbid? Probably. During the party, we also got some live interviews with Ticketfly clients. In response to the question “Why Ticketfly?,” we tended to hear the same things over and over- Product, Support, Social features and a team that “gets it.” Almost everyone we interviewed said that Ticketfly has saved them tons of time since they switched. We’re glad we could free up some partying time for you guys!


The first full day of our conference started out with some opening remarks from CEO Andrew Dreskin and CTO Sean Porter about Ticketfly’s goals for 2012 and where we stand in the industry. The term “Death Star” may or may not have been thrown around. Perhaps the highlight of the day for some of the newer promoters in the room was the war stories-trading panel between industry pioneers Danny Zelisko and Seth Hurwitz. On the post-merger switch to Ticketfly, Seth commented: “I just couldn’t have my competition selling my tickets.” The day rolled along with in-depth panels from Facebook, The Roxy and Ticketfly’s Community Manager. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Ticketfly event without another party. We took the crew to dinner and drinks until the wee hours. It didn’t feel that awesome the next day.


Our final day of festivities was probably the most lively. The topics of the day were branding your venue, and promoters working together, which is always a taboo topic in the promotions world. The conference panel held the likes of IMP Presents, Austin City Limits, PopGun Booking and Johnny Brenda’s. The Satellite’s post-Summit newsletter puts it best:

“My big takeaway was that venues need to stick together – because at the end of the day, the more that people are going to shows (at any club), the better off we all are. With all the great bands out there, why compete when we can instead strengthen our music communities and our neighborhoods (even if at the expense of our livers)?” Amen, Satellite!

To close things out, The Fly Awards recognized some of our most stellar partners. A few lucky winners:

R5 Productions- Best All-Around Use of Social Media
DAYGLOW, LLC- Best Facebook Sales
Knitting Factory Entertainment- Best All-Around Use of Ticketfly’s Tools

I wish we could give everyone an award! It’s difficult to put into words how beneficial this week has been for both us and our partners, and how amazing our clients are. We are looking forward to a productive and successful 2012 for Ticketfly and the live events industry. It’s exciting to be on a disruptive team and have some of the country’s top promoters joining in the fun. And with the immediately post-conference Facebook announcement we’re certainly not showing any signs that we are slowing!

How did we end the final afternoon of our Summit? Well, yeah obviously. #hairofthedog

If you’d like more info on becoming a Ticketfly partner, check us out at!

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