The ‘Fly Team Gets Their Radiohead On in NYC

Sep. 29, 2011

One of Radiohead’s only 2 club dates this year happened last night at The Roseland Ballroom in NYC and a couple lucky b*stards from the Ticketfly New York crew managed to weasel in. (No! Of course the San Francisco office isn’t bitter about it! What?)

Chip Thomas, a Ticketfly sales guy extraordinaire, was one of the lucky few. Chip’s no stranger to the hip NY  music scene. He was responsible for bringing Escape 2 NY on board with Ticketfly, along with the shows and beer fests at Beekman Beer Garden (which you should go to because beer outside is awesome!). I’m surprised he’s not used to the mustaches yet. Here’s his brief re-cap.

“When we arrived at Roseland, we got into the longest line any of us had ever seen at the venue. It was wrapped around 4 square blocks. At this point I’m used to seeing Radionhead at major festivals and stadiums, but seeing them with a few lucky thousand people was quite nice. The line was initially intimidating, but it moved quickly. I was even able to play the “punch-buggie” game, replacing VW bugs with ironic mustaches (hipster mustache buggie!).

It was the most packed I had ever seen Roseland before, with literally no room to breathe, but it was well worth it. The band played mainly off their last 2 albums, but made sure to sprinkle in songs like “National Anthem” and “Everything in its Right Place.” They were in top form, but it was clear they are meant to play much bigger stages!

The highlight was after their encore, when the house lights went up. House music was also playing, meaning the show was very much over. None of us left, we wanted more! For 15 minutes nobody moved. The band came out and did a solid few songs to end the night.

If only I can find a ticket to tonight’s show…”

Well that’s great, Chip. We’re all SO glad you made it in. 🙂

Fingers crossed for some more dates like this around the country. Let us know on our Facebook page if you were there last night and what you thought!

Brooklyn Vegan has a ton of great photos to fuel your envy. Including pics of the infamous line!

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