Ticketfly and Our Clients Support “A Night of Sweet Relief.”

Sep. 19, 2011

On October 15th, Ticketfly is participating in an awesome one-day event that will get people out to see live music and raise funds for our nation’s ill, disabled and elder musicians. Read below for how you can get involved!

Sweet Relief Musicians fund will debut its “Night of Sweet Relief”, to which Ticketfly will donate a portion of the fees for every ticket sold that day.

• Established in 1994, Sweet Relief has raised and distributed millions of dollars to pay for medical costs, housing, food and other vital expenses of ill, disabled and elder musicians, singers, composers and arrangers.

• In 2010, Sweet Relief had one of the most outstanding effectiveness ratios of any entertainment charity with 91 cents of every dollar going directly to assist musicians in need.

The artist’s plight:

• Greater than 70% of professional musicians do not have health insurance.

• A generation of musicians is reaching elder years with minimal social security benefits and no industry safety net.

Where our clients come in:

Select clients (and more to come!) will be matching our donation and offering a portion of their ticket sales to the cause as well.

Thousands of music fans getting out to see live music for a good cause- sounds like a win-win situation to us! Thanks to The Glass House, The Independent, R5 Productions, Brooklyn Bowl, The Phoenix Theater and more for already pledging support. Our clients are the best!

Check out an article in Variety about Sweet Relief. And don’t worry- in addition to making sure you buy some concert tickets on October 15th, you can donate and support Sweet Relief on their website too!

Be sure to follow @sweetrelief and friend them on Facebook!

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