Ticketfly Causes: Adventures in Music


Jun. 04, 2013

Ever since Ticketfly began to offer annual VTO (Volunteer Time Off) days as part of our Ticketfly Causes initiative, employees have been dedicating their time to better their communities. Maia, Web Designer on Ticketfly’s Marketing team, took a day to inspire children at Sanchez Elementary School with the power of music. This is her story:

Music has always been a part of my life, even from a young age. During my preschool years, my parents emphasized the importance of music by taking me to sing-a-longs and concerts in the park. At the age of nine, I begged my parents to let me start taking violin lessons – where this idea came from remains a mystery – and they enthusiastically agreed. This was only the beginning of my lifelong obsession with music. I have always been grateful for the support and encouragement I received from my parents in my formative years, so when Miss Kayla asked if I would be willing to share my experiences with her first grade class at Sanchez Elementary School, there was no way I could refuse.

It turned out to be an entire day dedicated to music, including a field trip to the San Francisco Symphony for a private concert at the Davies Symphony Hall. The morning began with the students doing a short writeup about what they thought they might be seeing at the symphony, which gave me an opportunity to go around the room to meet each student as I helped them. I was slightly confused when I encountered a girl who thought she would see fish and crabs playing instruments, but after a little prying I discovered she had just seen The Little Mermaid the night before. (I assume she was referring to this amazing scene). After the writing assignment, I was able to talk to the students about my musical experiences growing up, playing various instruments and how my continued passion for music inspires what I do. The students were very engaged and even asked some great questions – though I will admit I had trouble answering,

“Where do instruments come from and where do they go when they die?”

After my presentation, it was off to the symphony! The concert was a part of the SF Symphony’s Adventures in Music, a program that provides music education for all San Francisco public elementary school children. The concert was geared specifically for first and second graders so it was filled with light-hearted music and a lot of audience participation. The students especially got a kick out of “conducting” a song from their seats.

When the concert concluded, it was back to school where we had some lunch and discussed the excitement of the day. The day concluded with another short writeup, but this time including a drawing and focusing on things they had learned and enjoyed that day. When some of the students asked me to write my name on the board so they could properly spell it in their writeup, I happily obliged.

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better day with Miss Kayla’s first grade class. I hope I was able to impart on them the importance of music and how it has really impacted my life positively. Being there as the students experienced the symphony was also an amazing moment for me, as I could see on their faces the excitement and awe that I must have felt when my parents took me to some of my first concerts. This experience has reminded me that not all children grow up with the same type of exposure to music as I did, and I am thankful to have been able to share at least a part of it with these students. Hopefully this will inspire them to continue their adventures in music; I know it has strengthened my passion for music and it has inspired me to continue sharing my experiences with others.


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