Ticketfly Client Spotlight: “Bikeman: The 9/11 Theatrical Experience”


Mar. 05, 2013

Where were you the morning of September 11th, 2001? Over a decade later, the memories are still chilling for many Americans. One man, a New York journalist named Tom Flynn, decided to keep his exceptional story alive in an epic poem, which has now been adapted into a play.

Ticketfly is honored to be partnering with Bikeman: the 9/11 Theatrical Experience, a compelling theatrical performance about Flynn’s bike ride into the dust of the World Trade Centers. The show has a limited preview run in New York City from March 19th-29th, at the Broad Street Ballroom, just blocks from the 9/11 Memorial pools; tickets are on sale now via Ticketfly.

Told through the voices of extraordinary actors with a video opening by Dan Rather, this highly anticipated event transforms tragedy into art. Tom’s story of survival and remembrance, taking the literary format of Dante’s Inferno to describe a hell on earth, will move and inspire you.

The press is buzzing about the “Bikeman” story:

One man’s journey and the humanity that somehow emerged from the dust. – Meredith Viera, Dateline NBC

A new window into a shattering time. – Diane Sawyer, ABC News

Reports of the journalist as poet… dispatches in verse tell of a journey into an underworld. – Dan Rather

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