Ticketfly Got a Brand New Venue and Promoter Website!


Aug. 22, 2012

Ticketfly got a facelift today and now it’s much easier for event organizers to get to know us! We’re excited about our new look and hope you’ll take a cruise around the new site.

Browse Ticketfly clients and client websites, get first-hand testimonials from other promoters, see our features in detail and find solutions specific to your needs.

Are you a venue, festival organizer or music promoter? We already work with many of the country’s most prominent music promoters. Find out why music and Ticketfly have always been an industry power couple.

Do you own or manage a fair, festival, theater or a comedy club? We have an integrated ticketing and marketing platform that meets all of the complicated needs of you and your patrons!

What about EDM? Ticketfly has already partnered with many of the leaders in the heavily social EDM space. We are the only truly social ticketing platform for EDM promoters. Let us worry about the tickets and marketing so you have more time to make sure the show is bangin’.

Looking for a new ticketing solution for your sports team, stadium or arena? Ticketfly has a robust Reserved Seating solution, the marketing help to fill your seats, and the entry management experience and tools to get your fans into those seats without a hitch.

If you sell tickets, we have something for everyone. Head to start.ticketfly.com to get the goods!

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