Ticketfly Joins Forces with ScoreBig to Offer New Distribution Channels to Clients


Feb. 08, 2012

Although we’re lucky enough to work with some of the country’s top promoters – and often experience sweet pains and customer grumblings that come along with instantly sold out shows – every promoter knows that sometimes, the ticket selling cards just aren’t in your favor. Could be the weather, could be holidays, could be star alignment, but sometimes a show just won’t sell out no matter how excellent the band and venue.

Good news for clients- Ticketfly has teamed up with ScoreBig, one of the web’s premier resources for fans to find big savings on tickets. And who doesn’t like savings? In this economy!

ScoreBig’s business model offers a unique solution for venues and promoters looking to sell unsold inventory to casual fans, without negatively impacting the organization’s brand or cannibalizing full-price sales.

Ticketfly clients will have the ability to reach a broader audience of ticket buyers, and move tickets that would otherwise go unsold. In turn, ScoreBig members will have access to Ticketfly’s roster of the best-known venues and promoters in the U.S.

By offering every ticket below retail price, ScoreBig creates an entirely new value channel for Ticketfly’s venues and promoters. And as you know, we care a lot about our customers! Now, along with our lower fees, we can offer a new way for customers to find that affordable night out with their favorite band or a chance to venture out and see someone new at the right price.

“Our relationship with ScoreBig is another reason for sports, music and other promoters to choose Ticketfly’s social ticketing platform to manage all of their ticketing needs. We know that many promoters aren’t yet comfortable with discounting, but ScoreBig is approaching things in a fresh way,” said Dan Teree, founder, President and COO of Ticketfly.

Sometimes you invent your own wheel, and sometimes you recognize who is getting it right, and you partner up with those folks.

Looking forward to many sweaty sold out shows at our venues with ScoreBig!

Check out the full release here!

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