Ticketfly Talent: Zola Goodrich—Resident Riot Grrrl

Cristina Peralta

Apr. 20, 2016

Make some noise for the next entry in our “Ticketfly Talent” series, which showcases the many talents of our Flyers. We’ve got loads of musicians, DJs, singers, and artists of all types who are fly by day and rock stars by night (though we tend to think they’re rock stars 24/7). They’re awesome, and we want the world to know.

Today, we catch up with Zola Goodrich, a customer support rep and veteran of the Riot Grrrl scene. She’s helmed keys, bass, guitar, and vocals for various Bay Area bands. Currently, Zola is one-half of awesome duo Bam! Bam! Here, she talks about her DIY beginnings, tire blowouts, and finding gems in the dollar bin.

Zola band photo

Tell us a little about yourself.

I work at Ticketfly in the customer support department. I’ve been playing in bands for a while now. My current band is called Bam! Bam! It’s a duo, me and this other girl Chloe. We have a 7-inch that’s out on a record label from Athens, GA called HHBTM, or Happy Happy Birthday To Me, Records. We’ll be releasing our full-length soon.

What’s your role in the band?

I play guitar and sing.

How’d you get your start in music?

I started playing in bands in high school back in Fresno, Calif. Me and my friends were always interested in music. We just all decided to pick up instruments and start a band one day. We were all really into early Riot Grrrl music. Their ethos is pick up an instrument, start a band, book a show in a backyard or event hall or anywhere you could. I’ve been doing this since then.

You played in BoySkout, who had a good buzz in the early 2000s. How’d you link up with them?

They were friends of mine and they needed a keyboard player. I wanted to go on tour and I liked the band, so I started playing keys for them. I stayed in the band for a few years (2004-2006). It was one of the best times of my life. It was a lot of girls in the back of a van on long drives in weird weather with tires blowing out all the time. It was a great learning experience and I got to see Canada and most of the United States. I made some really good friendships. We played some pretty big shows. We opened for Metric. We opened for Tegan and Sara. The Gossip—that was a big show.

That’s awesome! But wait, you played keys for BoySkout, but you play guitar and sing in Bam! Bam! How many instruments have you played?

In BoySkout I played keys. In the band I was in after that, MakeMe, I played bass. I play guitar in the band I’m in now.

Your husband was also in MakeMe. Did you two meet through the band?

No, we met before that while working at a record store, Rasputin. I was the indie/punk buyer.

You must have found some gems in the used bins…

I found the first Suicide record in the dollar bin there. That was pretty cool.

Did your experience working at a record store impact the way you approach your music?

If anything, I saw firsthand the decline of record sales. I saw record sales just plummet (though my section did pretty well). When I was younger I got to see people make money from music. As I got older, I saw the decline.

So why have you stuck with it?

Because it makes me happy.

What’s your end-goal with music?

To create something of lasting value.

What’s next for you and Bam! Bam!?

We have a show on May 23 at the Hemlock Tavern (in San Francisco) with a band I really like from Seattle called Pony Time.

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