Ticketfly’s newest — and cutest — faces!


Nov. 14, 2014


This year, a few new faces joined the Ticketfly family. Most were under 8 pounds. Perhaps they’re future rock stars, developers, or the next space explorers, but for now, our #babyfly babies are just so cute we had to celebrate.


Hi! My name is Seth Runic Otis. My dad is Shane, who leads the Client Support team. I was born in July and love to look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes it makes me smile and laugh.




Hi! My name is Ellis Archibald Jenkins. My dad is Brent, who leads the Data team. I was born in October and I spend my days watching baseball and hockey, and making harmonica noises while eating. I picked up a guitar for the first time today to snap some pics for the liner notes of my debut album. The working title is: “5 Ounces to Freedom.”



Hi! My name is Orin Rocket Alexander Gregory. My dad is Damon, who works on the Operations team. I was born in November of 2013 and always drop food on the floor. I’m a big fan of velociraptors.



Hi! My name is Marisa Michele Miller. My dad is Joshua, who leads the Tech Ops team. I was born in September and am so much more relaxed than my brothers. In fact, I’m happiest when they’re making as much noise as possible!



Hi! My name is Owen (余闻) Shen (沈). My dad is Jon, who works on the Engineering team. I was born in January and always reject my pacifier. Sucking my thumb is a much better way for me to go to sleep.



Hi! My name is Peyton Zhao. My dad is Jerry, who works on the IT team. I was born in October of last year, and I like to talk and dance to music. I’m also a trickster with my toys; I’ll pretend to give you my toy, but once you reach for it, I’ll crawl away laughing!



Hi! My name is Jack Oliver and my dad is Steve, who is Ticketfly’s COO. I was born in September, and I like to spell O-H-I-O with my arms when the Buckeyes score a touchdown! I also enjoy flipping the bird anytime I hear the word ‘Michigan.’



Hi! My name is Wyatt. My dad is Neal, who works on the Sales team. I was born in December of last year. I’m a wild man! I love swimming, chewing on anything I can fit in my mouth, and moving…crawling, scooting, cruising around tables, chilling in the stroller — doesn’t matter as long as I’m moving. Dad thinks I’m awesome!


We’re hiring! We can’t promise you’ll get to hang out with these adorable babies every day, but we do offer a lot of other great benefits. Check out our open positions!

Photo credit: Love This City TV 



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