Time to give your live events website a facelift?

Cristina Peralta

May. 04, 2017

After successfully navigating all of the challenges of web development, it’s a relief when your live events website goes live. It makes perfect sense that once your site is designed, populated with content, tested, and launched, you’d be happy to never have to think about it again. Unfortunately, websites are not “one and done,” and like spring cleaning there will come a time when you can no longer put off dusting off your site.

Let’s take a look at how popular Washington D.C. dance club and venue U Street Music Hall approached updating their website.   

Opening in 2010, U Street sports a 500-person capacity room, one of the area’s best sound systems, and a 1200 square foot cork-cushioned dance floor. When it was time to refresh their website, U Street turned to Ticketfly’s design and development services team with a wish-list sourced from staff and fan feedback.

U Street knew their site needed to be optimized for mobile devices and high res screens. They also wanted to tweak the way calendar listings displayed and replace the three-day view at the top of the homepage with a featured event carousel. In addition, they had specific needs like a custom alert widget to display important details about that night’s event on the homepage, such as set times or if a show was sold out.

As the group responsible for building the venue’s original site, our D&DS team quickly mapped out a plan to implement the requested improvements. Because of our extensive experience—Ticketfly powers more than 850 live event websites for our partners—we were also able to make sure that it all happened with no site downtime.

“U Street Music Hall has been nothing but excited to use their new website, and that excitement has translated to more organic traffic. When you love your website, it’s much easier to get others to love it as well.” – Phill Mamula, Ticketfly Design & Development Manager

Think of your website like a car. You’ve invested a great deal and expect to get a lot of mileage out of it, understanding that it needs to be properly maintained. It’s the same for your live events website. To ensure that your visitors always have a smooth ride and arrive at their destination, we recommend checking in with employees and, when possible, your customers about your website at least every six months to review any reported bugs or other issues. This’ll help you determine if it’s time to bring it into the shop.

Ready to run a diagnostic on your live events website? Drop us a line to learn how Ticketfly can help you get better performance.


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