Two Ticketfly Partners Featured in HBO Series ‘Foo Fighters Sonic Highways’


Oct. 29, 2014

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We’re excited to see two Ticketfly partners – Seth Hurwitz from the 9:30 Club and Dante Ferrando from the Black Cat – sharing their histories this past Friday in Dave Grohl’s vibrant new HBO Series Foo Fighters Sonic Highways. Both Hurwitz and Ferrando were featured in the Washington D.C. episode as major players in the music scene who have had an imprint on the Washington D.C. soundscape.

Foo Fighters Sonic Highways commemorates the Foo Fighters’ 20th anniversary by documenting the eight-city recording odyssey that produced their latest, and eighth, studio album. Directed by Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl, the series sets out to unravel America’s music identity, looking for inspiration from the people and places that inspired the music. Producers, studios, and local legends from all over the country recount their extraordinary tales, and in return, Foo Fighters record one song in each city.

The environment in which you make a record ultimately influences the end result, and, as Grohl makes clear throughout Foo Fighters Sonic Highways, each environment’s cultural fabric is cultivated by the people. Seth and Dante are two such voices. Founded in 1980 and 1993 respectively, 9:30 Club and the Black Cat hold decades of punk, metal, dance, and rock that are sewn into D.C.’s live music fabric, and now, as the series goes, a song on Foo Fighters’ upcoming Sonic Highways.

For more journeys throughout America’s music map, you can catch Foo Fighters Sonic Highways on HBO every Friday at 11pm!

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Dante Ferrando, owner of the Black Cat in Washington D.C.

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