We Survived SXSW Again. These Were a Few of Our Favorite Things


Mar. 20, 2012

by Amy Miller, Ticketfly Community Manager

While some of the Ticketfly team is still lagging back in Austin, due to some crazy thunderstorms and tornadoes at the worst possible time (that time when you’ve been at SXSW for a week and all you want to see is your bed…), the rest of us are back at work trying to remember it all.

We sponsored a ton of events this year! You can see some of them here.

So before it’s all a distant memory, here are our top ten favorite moments from SXSW 2012. As you can see, we’re a pretty mixed bag of humans.

If you want to see all the photos, head over to our Flickr or Facebook page.

1. “Springsteen reminding us all of the true power of rock and roll. BRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!” – Drew Beck, Interaction Designer/ Springsteenaholic

2. “The cast of Workaholics freestyle rapping at BandPage HQ. They were hammered.” – Ryan O’Connor, Business Development / Lover of bromedy

3. “Is it OK to say that my favorite moment is when the drummer of Broken Social Scene came and planted a kiss on my face? Cause I didn’t like it.” – Acacia Newlon, Sales Coordinator/ Frequent recipient of unrequited love from indie musicians

4. “Metalachi. Metal + mariachi band. Metalachi.” – Gannon Hall, SVP of Marketing/ Former metal drummer

5. “Lionel Richie at ACL- Live. When Kenny Rogers walked onto stage and said ‘Ladyyyy'” – Brian Arnone, VP of Sales / My current biggest mortal enemy for not inviting me to this show

6. “I thought I was gonna have to walk 5 miles back into town after a show on the outskirts. But then I just followed the music and slept in a hobo camp. I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was!” – Stefan Wicks, Senior Customer Support Rep / Easy-going dude

7. “Lucero family picnic at Cedar Street. J Roddy Walston, William Elliott Whitemore, Chuck Ragan and Lucero all together? Whisky drinking country dreamboat punks ALL DAY!! Not steam punks. Dream punks.” – Me, Community Manager / Recovering lover of musicians with drinking problems

8. “Watching Nancy and Ann Wilson in conversation with SXSW. Why wasn’t anyone yelling ‘HEEEAAAAART?!’ I hear Nancy is available. Don’t tell my wife I said that. Or Cameron Crowe.” – Dan Teree, COO and Co-Founder / Owner of pink Heart guitar that lives at Ticketfly HQ

9. “Seeing fun. and then bolting to sneak back stage for Skrillex. The hype is all true!” – Chip Thomas, East Coast Sales Rep / Fast runner

10. “Going to bed on Saturday.” – Leif Osbakken, Southern Client Services Rep / Austin local

Thanks a million to our partners in party crime:
My Old Kentucky Blog
Windish Agency
Collective Concerts
Spaceland/ Echo/ Echoplex
FYF Fest/ MWTX Party

See all you crazy kids next year!
* Thanks to Instagrammer  @elevin11 for the great photo of Dan Deacon at our Windish Agency Showcase

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