Welcome Union Transfer in Philly to Ticketfly!

Jul. 15, 2011

The next cool venue to open in Philly, and the newest addition to the Ticketfly brood, is Union Transfer. And we do mean cool! This mid-sized music venue, with space to hold 600 – 1,000 people has drum roll please…..air conditioning! Union Transfer is a joint effort of New York’s Bowery Presents, and locals Sean Agnew (R5 Productions, a longstanding Ticketfly client) and Avram Hornik (4Corners Management). With a trio like this, things are sure to heat up. Located at 1026 Spring Garden, it was originally the site of a train depot station, a roller skating rink, and was even referenced in a Ghostface Killah song.

The venue will cater to both under and over 21 fans with 200 on-site parking spaces and room for 150 bikes. As important as comfort is sound which has been touted by the team to have one of the best live sound rigs in Philly. “‘It’s a quote-unquote real venue,’ says Agnew. And the d&b audiotechnik sound system ‘is an incredible high-end, fancy-pants system.'” (Check out this quote’s full article on Philly.com)

Local indie band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is set to open the venue on September 21st. In fact, there are some great shows already booked: RJD2, Mogwai, and Friendly Fires. Carrie Brownstein and her new outfit Wild Flag will put a bird on the new venue on October 19th. All tickets go on sale at Ticketfly on Saturday July 16th. We’re glad to not only be working with Bowery, but to venture into another collaboration with Sean Agnew, potentially one of our most easy going and marketing-savvy clients. Not to mention his incredible taste in bands!

Here’s where you can keep an eye on Union Transfer:

Union Transfer Website
Union Transfer on Facebook
Union Transfer on Twitter

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