We’re Facebook official… Introducing Facebook Official Events

Acacia Newlon

Product Marketing Manager

Mar. 30, 2016

M83 Facebook Official Event
One single event shared among venues, artists, and promoters.

In 2010, we launched Amplifier, an easy way for partners to amplify an event on social media channels like Facebook to reach more fans. Since then, social media has grown immensely while remaining a go-to source of information—like when a band is coming to town. We’ve always recognized the power of combining social media and ticketing and today, we’re taking that one step further by integrating Facebook Official Events with our self-service platform. Official Events make it even easier to amplify and share your event on Facebook to all your audiences.

Facebook Official Events are single events shared among venues, artists, and promoters in order to maximize event visibility. Official events reduce duplicates while consolidating audiences to a single event with multiple hosts. Best of all? Your workflow stays pretty much the same. This is another part of our master plan to save you time, help you sell more tickets, and keep everyone closely connected to the live events they love.

Starting today, you can publish, delete, and re-publish Facebook Official Events right from Ticketfly Backstage using Amplifer. You can also post to the timeline on your venue (or promoter) Page. Once an Official Event is published, promoters can also push the same event to their own Page, promote it, and add their own comments. All eyes are now on one, shared event that can be boosted by all involved parties. [Note: Artists can’t publish events, but Facebook Official Events will appear on the event listings portion of the artist’s Page. Best practice: give the artist/agent a heads up when confirming the event so everyone is on board and ready to help promote it.]

Cain's Ballroom Facebook Official Event

Discovery is an essential part of the live event experience, and often one of the biggest fan pain points. With this new fan-centric experience, we’re reducing the time and hassle of finding great events and giving you more control over them.

In December 2015, Facebook averaged 1.04 billion daily active users (934 million on mobile)—a massive, engaged audience that will benefit from a streamlined experience. Now that Facebook is a Ticketfly affiliate, there’s an even more direct link between your unsold inventory and the hundreds, even thousands, of potential ticket buyers who are visiting the site every day.

Try it out in Ticketfly Backstage, or contact your client support rep for more information. Not a Ticketfly partner? Get started with us today.

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