We’re in Kansas, Toto. Wichita’s Cotillion Ballroom Joins Ticketfly!

Aug. 03, 2011

It was the late 1950’s, and Wichita was itching for a brand spanking new venue to host the bustling music scene while rock ‘n’ roll was still young. The CotillionBallroom was a uniquely built venue, allowing up to 2000 patrons (or 1,812,946.65 soccer balls) to fill the enormous space. The band shell stage is anaesthetically pleasing attribute to anybody who also likes good acoustics in a venue! Cotillion’s beauty and futuristic architecture started out by attracting the most historically important American musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Willie Nelson, Muddy Waters and B.B. King. Throughout the years Wichita’s favorite ballroom has put on shows of all varieties, and currently books everything from comedy to country and metal. Ticketfly knows no boundaries, and neither does The Cotillion, which is why we are so excited to be working with these awesome folks in Wichita.

We just wouldn’t be doing the job right if we didn’t tell you what’s coming up at The Cotillion, check it out! Black Dahlia Murder, Sinbad, Gary Allan, and much more!

Connect with The Cotillion Ballroom online, and drop them a line if you had a good time!
The Cotillion’s Website
The Cotillion on Facebook
The Cotillion on Ticketfly
The Cotillion on Twitter

See you in Kansas!

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