Where in the World Are Your Customers? See Sales on a Map!


Mar. 28, 2012

by Amy Miller, Ticketfly Community Manager

Instinctively you know as an event planner that a big chunk of your ticket buyers probably live in your immediate area. But if you really dig deep, you’ll start to see some other trends. A lot of towns near you might not have many entertainment options outside of headin’ to ‘Bees for some top shelf margs and a Shrimp and Parm, so people trek to your events.  Or you’ve got great national buzz, and tourists know you’re the thing to see in town.

Our new Sales by Location data will show you exactly which outlying markets attend your events most often, and what percentage of your sales is coming from tourists, which is always a good indicator of your notoriety as a promoter! Visualizing your patron data also opens the door to partnering with hotels and travel sites, other local businesses, and distant media outlets.

Sales by location data will now display on a map with global, state, and city level detail. This info is visible on event level sales reports and on the account level in the Analytics Dashboard. Sales by Location data is displayed as a heat map, with scroll over capability for greater detail.

More purchase detail means you can:

  • Better target your marketing efforts – localize street teams, Facebook ads, and media outreach
  • Pinpoint popular markets – know where to spend your dough
  • Visualize purchasing trends – see what’s working and who is left behind

If you’re currently a Ticketfly client, Sales by Location is already turned on for your org. If you’d like more information about how you can maximize your marketing power with Ticketfly’s toolset, head over to ticketfly.com/start!

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